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As many as received Him, to them He give the right to become children of God, even to those who believe on His name.

Even More Kids Questions Answered

Peter Harris has been busy answering even more Kids Questions.

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Q171: Why was Jesus and Mary chosen on earth as Jesus guardians?

Q171: Why was Mary and Joseph chosen on earth as Jesus guardians?

Thank you for a good question- I had not thought of it before. First-I guess that God knew that they were ‘Good for the job’, the right people and He knew that they would not mess it up. Think about it: God must have thought:”Who can I trust with this job-I need a couple with integrity above normal people.”

Because God, somehow, knows our every thought, He knew Mary, even though only a teenager, would do the right thing as the Archangel Gabriel unfolded the future to her. Gabriel came to Mary, while she was engaged to Joseph and told her: “Congratulations favoured lady! The Lord is with you...God has decided to wonderfully bless you’... ‘You will become pregnant..” (All in Luke Chapter 1 verses 26 to 38) There is much more in there too. Most men in those days would have had Mary publicly stoned to death for such an affair...’an angel visited you- rubbish! You can’t get pregnant without having sex’. Joseph had not yet had sex with Mary. But Joseph was a man of integrity too. (Integrity means without serious faults or weaknesses.)

Matthew tells of Joseph’s character.”Then Joseph, her fiancé (husband to be), being a man of stern principle (a just man) decided to break the engagement but to do it quietly, as he didn’t want to publicly disgrace her.” There is a gentleman who cares for another person’s feelings!

An angel came to him in a dream and told him the whole story about him(Joseph), being from the line of David and to fulfill Biblical prophecy that tells about a virgin having a Son. Joseph accepted the angel’s message and had no sexual relations with Mary until after the birth of Jesus. (That’s in Matthew Chapter 1:verses 18 to 25)

So God chose a ‘Son of David’(Joseph)and Mary to raise Jesus to manhood because He knew they were the best couple for the task.

Q172: Why does he let people die and become murderers and kidnappers?

Q173: Why do we die?

Q174: “What did God make on the seventh day in creation in the old testament?”

Q175: ”How long was he alive for?”

Q176: “How did God come alive?”

Q177: “Where did he come from?” and “When was God born?” and “How old is God.” and “When is God’s birthday?”

Q178: “I wonder what god looks like?” and “Is God human like us does he look like us.?”


Q179: “I talk to God, but he doesn’t talk back like everyone says he does. Why is that? I’ve tried and tried talking to him.”

Q180: “How did he create all of the things in the world and how did he come up with names for them?”

Q181: ”I wonder what heaven looks like?”

Q182: “Mr Harris do you believe in reincarnation and why.”

Q183: “What horrible things do you have to do to go to hell?”

Q184: “Why do we go to heaven or hell.”

Q185: “Has Jesus done anything wrong in his life?”

Q186: “Sexual\ What has God done wrong in his life?”

Q187: “Why do we die if God loves us soooo much?”

Q188: “What sort of people go to Hell.”

Q189: “Why do we have to die.” And “Why do bad things happen?” and.”Why does God let children die?”

Q190: ”Why does God exist?”

Q191: “Why doesn’t God come and talk to the people on the earth?” and “Mr Harris have you ever had Jesus talk back to you when you pray?”

Q192: Who picks the way we look?”

Q193: “How does God know when your talking to him?”

Q194: “In heaven does everyone wear white?”

Q195: “How do you know there’s a heaven?”

Q196: “Does God choose what you do?”

Q197: “Did God live on earth?”

Q198: “Did God create the different religions?”

Q199: “Why did God create us?” and “Why did God create the world?”

Q200: ”Is heaven like we live now?”

Q201: ”Why do people fall in love?”

Q202: “Why do people believe in other religions.”

Q203: ”What happens when you die?” Do you just, like, live forever up there, or do you get a second life.”

Q204: “Why do people slaughter animals?”

Q205: “Why are some people poor and some are wealthy and rich?”

Q206: “What did God make before life and the world?”

Q207: “Why do people die?”

Q208: “Why do people have talent and people do not?”

Q209: ”Will we all be raptured by God or Jesus?”

Q210: “Is it true if we see God we will die?”

Q211: “How many Gods are there? since He is Every where.”

Q212: “Why does God kill people?”

Q213: “How many kids did Adam and Eve have?

Q214: “Did God create penguins?”

Q215: “What does God think about Homosexuals? P.S. and Lesbians”

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