Favourite Passages

Jesus said, if you ask for anything in my name, I will do it.

Who will speak up for Australia's children?

Happy kids ~ everyone's responsibility!


As this website begins to change to


Consider what you can do to provide for

and protect the children you love and care for?



If you are a parent - tell your children today that:

You love them!

You are proud of them!

They are most important in your life?



Surveys suggest that the 'Quality Time" parents spend with their children - is minutes compared to the influences of media, technology, social networking & their time during their education.


Kids just got started on earth, to start them worrying about heaven yet, eh?

We are here to help all who work with children by -

Equipping parents

Resourcing Churches

Training children’s workers

Use our Contact Page to email Graham about needs that you have in children's ministry.

He encourages contact from parents with needs - for your own family!


Children are the largest unreached

people group in the world.

2.1 billion children in the world

are waiting to hear about Jesus.