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Even so it is not the will of your Father who is in heaven that one of these little ones should perish.

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Peter Harris says that the question that was voted the most popular is number 4 below."

Q1:  Does God love everyone, even the ones that do not love him?

Q1:  Does God love everyone, even the ones that do not love him?


Yes! Indeed He does! Why? Because we are “…made in His image.” (like him) (Gen.1:26). Jesus’ whole life was directed to us. He spoke of love 27 times in John’s Gospel alone.

In John 3:16 Jesus said to a night visitor, Nicodemus: “For God loved the world so much that He gave his only Son so that anyone who believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life.” ‘The world’ means everyone and ‘whoever’ means anyone who believes in Him and follows His way.

This love is not the same as ours. It is bigger and more forgiving than we know how, because it does not depend on us being ‘good’.

MORE INFO: God’s love is a bit like a mother’s love for a wayward son.

You have probably seen on TV a weeping mother outside a court, facing the TV men. Her son has been convicted of a serious crime and is off to jail. Everyone hates him for what he did. Not so his mum. She says with tears: “I still love him whatever he has done, he is my son and I love him.”

God’s love is much more than that. He helps us to make a new start if we want to.

Finally, perhaps this is helpful: When Jesus agreed to come to earth to die in our place what if he said to God (His Father) “Ok, I’ll go, but I will only die for those who love me – the rest can ‘Go jump’.”

Q2:  Why does he let people die and become murderers and kidnappers?


Wow! I have been asked this question many times and it is not that hard to answer.

When God created us He had a choice: ‘Should humans be always kind, helpful and hurt nobody.’ Or should we have a choice to be selfish, greedy and always ‘Look after number one (me).’

I guess that sort of divides us humans into roughly three groups. (1) Those who learn about God early and know that He is real and can help us in life. (2) Those who choose to ignore God and His ways. (3) Those who have never even heard of a God who made them and loves them.

This writer has heard tell, from missionaries, that some people are amazed to hear that. They cry out for more information because they have been brought up to believe in, and make sacrifices to unseen gods and ‘the spirits’ who rule their every thought. They gladly embrace the idea of the God who made everything and them!

Please note: Jesus said, and the apostles (the very first followers of Jesus who had never actually seen him) mentioned a judgement day when we will answer for the good and bad things we did on earth.

Murderers and kidnappers come in all styles. The Roman Emperor Nero, Adolph Hitler, Stalin and Pol Pot murdered thousands, even millions, and all of them believed they were doing the best thing – even that ‘God is on my side’. YES!!

To think upon: Imagine a human with no choice to be good or selfish. I imagine it would be like one who is hypnotised – who does exactly as the magician (hypnotiser) tells him to do. A bit like someone on drugs who has no idea as to where, or what they are.

Q3:  How come he made dangerous things? Why does he not stop the ozone layer? Why does he make people die?

Q3:  How come he made dangerous things? Why does he not stop the ozone layer? Why does he make people die?


Many kids ask these things and many more too.

I guess He gave us the brains to make them and the ability to make them and use them to kill people – or to heal people of diseases.

Dangerous things: Well I have two large knives in my kitchen drawer. I keep them sharp. I cut bread, cake, and vegetables but I have never hurt anyone with them.

The ozone layer: a human was awfully clever to make up ozone for refrigerators. It was very good until another human discovered it was very dangerous and we stopped using it. Another better chemical was made for fridges.

Bad news: Ozone is banned here but it is still sold in some poor countries.

In this world there are 30,000 (might be 300,000) man-made chemicals and many are poisonous. They can poison, kill and maim people. Look up ‘Bhopal’ on the WWW to see a bad case of greed, death and pain.

God will not force us to be ‘good’. He hopes we will be but many choose MONEY!

Why does he make us die? So we can take the trip to heaven. Really, this life is only a sort of school to teach us about life and death. We have 70 to 80 years on earth. Heaven (eternity) is forever.

Q4:  How come he became God, and Jesus became Jesus, and he was so nice to people that hurt him and he could heal blind people?

Q4:  How come he became God, and Jesus became Jesus, and he was so nice to people that hurt him and he could heal blind people?


I recall who wrote this question, a really kind and lovely girl. She hit the jackpot by seeing a part of the Bible that exposed who Jesus was and WHY He came to this earth. Thank you.

Long ago, a very long time ago, after Adam and Eve ‘messed up’ they were expelled from God’s presence in the Garden of Eden (see Genesis chapter 3)

God had to expel them simply because: “The eye of God cannot look upon evil.” (Habakkuk 1:13).

Wanting a ‘Family’ God set in motion a plan to get his people back with him in heaven. (We could not be good enough by ourselves.)

Jesus was to go to earth, live as a human, yet be God’s son, and teach 12 disciples all he could about God. Examples: Giving sight to the blind, raising the dead to life and yes, loving their enemies. (Loving them does not mean liking them.)

Then came the ultimate: “I will be handed over to sinful men and be crucified but I will rise to life again on the third day.” (Luke.18:31-33).

NOBODY had ever said that before! Come back to life again?’ ‘Dunno what he means,’ they must have thought because people just don’t do that. Well He did.

Those 12 disciples were so changed when He did come back from death that nobody could shut them up. They were the beginning of the Christian church in 33 AD. Just 12 of them.

Q5:  Why don’t you kill the Devil?

Q5:  Why don’t you kill the Devil?


Thank you for raising this subject. The Devil is very real. Many will say he is not but Jesus talked of him a lot. Paul the disciple wrote to Christians: “Satan masquerades (can appear to be) an angel of light.” (2 Cor.11:14) Jesus said: “ I saw Satan falling from heaven as a flash of lightning.” And the night Jesus was arrested Luke records that: “Then Satan entered into Judas Iscariot who was one of the twelve disciples.” Judas told the Temple police where they could arrest Jesus without a crowd around, for 30 pieces of silver. Judas later suicided.

You can read about how Satan operates in the Bible. See Job chapters one and two. A very interesting book.

I guess that while Satan is alive there is a chance for him to repent. God did create him, so I guess the answer may be that Satan is God’s child and to kill him would be like killing your own son for a criminal act.

‘Repent’ meant to tell God that you are truly sorry for all the wrong things you have done.

Satan will, in the end, be punished in hell. The Bible says so in The Revelation.


Q6:  When are you coming back? When will the earth end? (and several more like that)

Q6:  When are you coming back? When will the earth end? (and several more like that)


All such questions really go together. ‘The end’ really means the end of this civilisation, as we know it. The earth “will be burned up with fire” and there will be a new heaven and a new earth to replace it. And, with, no night, no tears or crying and no pain or death- forever!

I wonder a lot about this. How will He clean up the awful mess we have made of this lovely planet?

In Matthew 24:36 the disciples asked Jesus this question and He said: “ No one knows that day...not the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father.” (Jesus’ Father, God)

Jesus also said (of His Second Coming to earth): “I will come at an hour you’ll not expect me.” (Mt.24:44).

Note: God’s promises always come true.


Q7:  Why did my cousin have to die so young? (The cousin was killed in a freak sporting accident).

Q7:  Why did my cousin have to die so young? (The cousin was killed in a freak sporting accident).


To me, this is the Mt. Everest of all questions. The toughest to answer.

I have to say honestly that I do not believe there is an answer here on earth now, by anybody. I well know that Jesus knows what will happen tomorrow and in the future. I also know of His angels rescuing children from sure death. A runaway car and a toddler sitting on a railway track. An angel appeared and lifted them out of the way – then vanished. And a book of such stories tells of miracles. But not everyone!

Advice: Make sure you are in God’s family and see her in heaven.

Please know this, Jesus said: “Just so, it is not my Father’s will that even one of these little ones should perish.” (Matt.18: 10)

Finally may I say this. I have noticed from many talks with people who have lost a loved one that they are all, more caring, compassionate to others and not ever wanting to inflict pain on another person.

That’s always nice.


Q8:  How did Jesus come to earth?

Q8:  How did Jesus come to earth?


This will have to be long as it is a most important question.

By a miracle from God.

Some Christians and many ordinary folk doubt this fact but if Jesus was an ordinary human, born normally, he could not possibly do the things that Jesus did! To the Christians who cannot accept that it happened, well to them I say ‘what else do you not accept, do you not believe them too’?

God could not be with an ordinary human in the same way he was with Jesus, i.e. no miracles or healing and no resurrection either.

God prophesied to Eve, that: “…one of your seed, (offspring – a human being), will bruise Satan’s head.” (Genesis 3:15).

And 500 years before Jesus was born the Prophet Isaiah wrote: “Behold, a virgin shall conceive.” and “For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given and the government shall be upon his shoulders. His name shall be called Wonderful Counsellor, The Mighty God, The Prince of Peace, the Everlasting Father and of his kingdom there shall be no end.” (Isaiah 9:6)

Who else fits that role?

No ordinary person could – only Jesus could.

Further on, Isaiah wrote of the suffering and rejection of ‘him’ and the words can only apply to the one who was crucified for us. This is all in Isaiah ch. 53

The Conception: Mary was engaged to Joseph when the Archangel Gabriel paid her a visit. Not many get a visit from him! Gabriel said: “Congratulations favoured lady, God is with you. You will have a child and you are to call him Jesus, for he will save the people from their sins.” Mary said: “How can this be, for I am a virgin?” Gabriel went on: “The power of the Holy Spirit will overshadow you so that the child born to you will be utterly holy.” Mary: “I am the Lord’s servant. I am willing to do what ever he wants.”

So Jesus was actually God’s Son, and human in the same person.

When Joseph found out that she was pregnant, he did not report her (to have her stoned to death for adultery) but resolved to quietly divorce her. The Archangel Gabriel then appeared to him saying: “Do not be afraid to take Mary for your wife for she is with child from the Holy Spirit.” Joseph agreed and Mary did have the baby Jesus. (Luke 1:26-39) Jesus was born in Bethlehem.

That location too was mentioned in prophecy, (see Micah 5:2).

And ‘wise men’ from a long way away who knew about it, and came to “see the new born king,” bringing gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh (Mt2:9-12). So that is about how it happened. It requires faith to believe and enjoy the way God works out His purposes for all of us.


Q9:  If you think God is real why can’t we stay young?

Q9:  If you think God is real why can’t we stay young?


Fairly simple really. When we are young we think we will live forever – death does not come into our thoughts. The Bible says: “A man’s life is 70 years and 80 if he is fortunate.” When you get old we get tired of living. Some just want to die because life can be hard. Some want to live here forever – I do not!


Q10:  Was Jesus God’s real son?

Q10:  Was Jesus God’s real son?


Yes he truly was. Read Q.8 and think about it. Nobody but God’s son could have done the things Jesus did unless he was truly God’s son.



Q11:  Why were we born?

Q11:  Why were we born?


This is the all time favourite that everybody wonders about. Some folk forget it and never have any direction in life at all. Others worry, but never find anything that satisfies the heart.

Because we are made in God’s image, I believe that we belong to God. We are His children. A girl in Forest Crescent school put her hand up to answer that question: “So God could have a family.” Simple but very true and I like it. I cannot believe we were born to be like any animal – maybe to be eaten? Never.

Ask that question of anybody and most will say: “I dunno.”

If you believe that you belong to God, then all through life you want to please Him. Remember he does know our thoughts and doing what God wants, pleases Him and so you find he is there to help and guide us. It can and does happen. I know many folk in this group.

Here is a Bible quote from Paul to Christians in Ephesus. Paul never saw Jesus, but God chose to change him from a Christian hater to a Christian evangelist. God met and changed him on the road to Damascus (see Acts 9:1-30). Paul had a brilliant mind and God used him to spread the ‘Good news’ all over Asia. He wrote: “Long ago, even before he made the world, God chose us to be His own, through what Christ would do for us; he decided then to make us holy in his eyes without a single fault. His unchanging plan has always been to adopt us into His own family by sending Jesus to die for us. And He did this because he wanted to.”(Eph.1:4-6) Please note well; being a Christian in God’s family can be a great life, with real fun and good friends.

Sad to say too many Christians seem to think a good time and fun cannot be had. “You have to be
serious, life is hard.” Rubbish!

I love a good clean joke and a laugh.

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A boy at school asked me again ‘Why were we born?” on the 18th August 2014.

On reading Q 11. I would like to add these words:

Another part of ‘Why were we born? is love for one another.

About 1,500 years before Jesus came Moses got God’s ‘Ten Commandments’. By obeying them we could all have a peaceful  and happy society.

That is- no murder, lying stealing or ‘coveting’(wanting to have something that is not yours).  Only some obey them all carefully because ‘We’ are subject to the sinful nature we have.

Jesus gave his 12 disciples ‘The 11th commandment’:”A new commandment I give you: love one another as I have loved you.” It means: hurt nobody, care deeply for needy people and forgive people who do wrong and so on.

And, a popular song in my youth was ‘Nature Boy’. A kind and wise visitor...so go the words said: ”The greatest thing you’ll ever learn is just to love, and be loved in return.” Very true.

Oh- and leave this earth a better place for your having been here.

I hope this has encouraged you today, Peter Harris


Q12:  Do you have to go to church to be a Christian?

Q12:  Do you have to go to church to be a Christian?


No, but I like to go and see my friends and be among people who think and believe like me.

The church is not the building-OK. The church is the people there. Many churches do not have a building, some even met under a tree. In some countries Christians have to be ‘unseen’ or they may be killed. And some churches only have one Bible among 50 members.

Say you lived at Ayres Rock. Bit silly to drive to Alice Springs, a round trip of 200km! But there are many radio and TV programmes to help you learn and grow in knowledge. We all need to grow.


Q13:  How old is he? What does he look like?

Q13:  How old is he? What does he look like?


His age is not known. The Bible says: “From everlasting to everlasting thou art God.” And Peter wrote: “But do not forget this one thing, dear friends: With the Lord a day is like a thousand years, and a thousand years are like a day.” (2 Peter 3:8). In heaven time will be no more.

Moses and Elijah appeared in a special moment with Jesus. Peter, James and John were there. God spoke to them from the sky. Both Moses and Elijah had been dead for 1,000 years. Today they would be 3,000 years old.

Wow, that’s a lot of birthdays!! (See Matthew 17: 1-9)

Please note: The disciples knew who Moses and Elijah were. How, I know not but they looked pretty normal, so God’s message was the major thought: “This is my Son whom I love; with Him I am well pleased. Listen to Him.” It is a most interesting time (Jesus’ face shone like the sun and the three disciples were terrified). Coming down from that mountain Jesus said:” Don’t tell anyone what you have seen until the Son of Man (Jesus) has been raised from the dead.” That’s a powerful statement! (Matt. 17:1-9)

Really it does not matter what he looks like. We may not be able to handle it. His purity, love and majesty may frighten us. His voice scared the daylights out of ‘The children of Israel’ and they begged Moses to let them get away (Exodus 20:18-21).

To look at him is not permitted. God spoke to Moses face to face because God trusted Moses and at the time God thought it necessary for teaching Israel His laws.

The Disciples asked Jesus the same question as you did. Jesus said: “If you have seen me you have seen the father.”



Q14:  When will the earth end? + When is Jesus coming back?
+Several others like it.

Q14:  When will the earth end? + When is Jesus coming back?
+Several others like it.


See Q6 too.

Nobody knows. Be assured it is written, Jesus said He would come back so He will. What Jesus says you can trust?

At that time everything will be changed. Wickedness will be shown up and punished, all evil will be judged, the earth will be ‘Cleansed’ (cleaned up) and judgement day will happen too.

There will be a ‘New heaven and earth’ with Jesus reigning as King and God (Rev.21:1). “I will make all things new.”

I am looking forward to that. It may not happen in my lifetime, but it could, today. Evil seems to flourish, water is short and how to manage 7 or 8 billion people on earth I find hard to imagine.

Make sure you are on Jesus team!

Finally, my opinion: “How long will God permit one billion people to be too well fed and fat while 25,000 children die every day from easily preventable sickness and one billion go to bed hungry?”


Q15:  Why did he create the world?

Q15:  Why did he create the world?


A very pleasant place for His family to live in? (Well it used to be much more pleasant.)

When this writer looks at the rubbish humans leave around I think we do not deserve this lovely place because we have made it a rubbish dump. Animals don’t foul their own nest, humans do!

It is a great place to grow, play sport, learn to live with one another, and learn about God.


Q16:  Do people live forever up there?

Q16:  Do people live forever up there?


YES, yes and yes. God’s people have been living, loving and dying for 4,000 to 5,000 years.

Jesus said to Nicodemus: “Whoever believes in God shall not perish, but have eternal life.” (John 3:16)

Eternity (heaven) has no end. Time as we know it will not exist. Like no Monday, Tuesday, etc. and no months or years to count. We will have ‘spiritual bodies’ like Jesus had after he rose from the dead.

I cannot really understand all of that but it is written in the Bible. Pretty cool Eh?


Q17:  Where is heaven?

Q17:  Where is heaven?


I don’t know. Wherever it is, God is there is all I know about that.

I mean, we all look up and point ‘up there’ because nobody knows much at all.

I do know that our galaxy, The Milky Way is very, very big. To cross it at 150,000 miles an hour would only take 670 million years (Readers Digest World Atlas 1963). Our galaxy has 400,000,000,000 stars in it and our sun is only an average size star. Even that will only last another 2 billion (maybe 60 million) years before it explodes into something else. Phew! And they’re many, many other galaxies and all that is true.

Somehow I believe God made it all and Jesus said to his disciples: “I go to prepare a place for you.” You can trust what Jesus says (John 14:1-4).


Q18:  Have you ever made mistakes?

Q18:  Have you ever made mistakes?


Sure have for me, the writer, but I think you mean has God made any.

Well I cannot truthfully speak for him but I know one part where He was very sorry for what had happened in men.

In Exodus God got very angry and was about to kill many of his people. He said to Moses: “I have seen these people and they are a stiff-necked people.” “Now leave me alone so that my anger may burn against them and destroy them.” (Exodus 32:1-33). WOW! Look out, God is very angry.

Moses talked God out of killing them…some feat indeed – and none of them got zapped.

Before that the Bible records that, “When the Lord God saw the extent of human wickedness and that the trend and direction of men’s lives were only towards evil, He was sorry that he had made them. It broke His heart…For I am sorry I made them.” (Genesis 6:1-8).

He did give us a choice to do right or wrong. He killed them all except Noah and his family. It is all in Genesis chapter 6,7 and 8. Thinking on that, I wonder what God thinks of us humans today?


Q19:  Does God have parents?

Q19:  Does God have parents?


Sorry but there is no reference to God having parents or a beginning. I believe we’ll find out all we want to know in heaven but not now, down here.


Q20:  Why is there a God?

Q20:  Why is there a God?


This is a hard one to pin down. All, civilisations have some sort of god. The Egyptians have left a huge reminder that there is an afterlife and someone there. They called the sun the God ‘Ra’. Mayan Indians and the Inca’s knew there was ‘something’ up there, in the sky and the Easter Island stone monuments testify that man is body, soul and spirit. (3 parts).

It has been said: “There is a God shaped space in the human heart, that only God can fill.”

We all need something to worship. Some choose a Harley Davidson, some a Lamborghini and others a rock star. We lavish our money, time and yes worship, on our ‘god’. Jesus came to show us the way to the God who loves us, made us and everything in this earth.

A little humour:

Diner in café: Waiter! What’s this fly doing in my soup!

Waiter, looking: Well sir, it looks like breastroke to me Sir.


Diner: Waiter, call the manager, this food is terrible.

Waiter: I’m sorry Sir, he knows it’s terrible – he’s gone out to lunch.


Q21:  If your brother or sister or a friend breaks something special to you, would you do what God wants and kiss and make up, or do what the Devil wants and punch him or her when you’re angry?

Q21:  If your brother or sister or a friend breaks something special to you, would you do what God wants and kiss and make up, or do what the Devil wants and punch him or her when you’re angry?


Good question. A common family problem and young feelings can be really hurt.

God is a God of justice and fair play.

In Leviticus and Deuteronomy there are hundreds of examples of how disputes are to be settled God’s way. And it is pretty tight. Briefly: if you cause another person loss – you fix that loss!

It could be a broken plough, a lost donkey, or an ox that got away. And God made “cities of refuge” where a man can run to if he accidentally kills someone. His family might kill him without trial, so God made a place where he could safely wait for a fair trial. Possessions were very costly and important then.

You must seek replacement through mum or dad or someone grown up. If that fails, a threat can help.

If it was a pesky little brother who was in your room and stepped on a tape or disc and told nobody and denied wrongdoing then fear can help.

Take a wrapped Mintie to his room, be friendly and start chatting while mum is busy on the phone. Tell him it is good to have a little brother. Give him the minty and while he unwraps it pin him down by his arms and hiss in his face: “If you ever break anything in my room again, I’ll come in while you are asleep and shave you bald!” Snatch the minty back and walk out quietly and shut the door.

Justice must be seen to be done.


Q22:  Why are we so mean?

Q22:  Why are we so mean?


Wow. How honest you are. I phoned King Solomon about this (he was the wisest man who ever lived) but his phone was constantly engaged. The answer is not easy. We are all of us come from different families and backgrounds so are all different.

One: Show a child meanness and he will grow up mean. Two: Show him kindness and love and he will grow up showing kindness and love. Three: Show him violence and anger and that’s what he will show growing up.

In all three, a person can change, given the right example by the right person.

A great mentor of mine, Zig Ziglar said in one of his public addresses: “You’re where you are, you’re what you are because of what has gone into your mind. You can change where you are, you can change what you are, by changing what goes into your mind.” (Zig Ziglar, Perth 1984) Zig also said: “We need to get this matter of eternity sorted out if you truly want to be happy.” (The God bit.)

Now, you could be sick, eat too much wrong food, watch too much TV or live in a house that has mould and/or various poisons going into your body. This needs a doctor to check it out.

Do you have one good friend? We all need one. Talk to that one.

Finally, abuse. This can be physical, emotional or sexual. IF...somebody is touching in any way your private parts (what’s under your bathers) and you hate it, it is wrong, very wrong and even criminal. They can even be in your family – you must have it stopped. Tell a policeman or policewoman, a teacher, someone in authority. People can go to jail for doing such evil things.


Q23:  Why do people die of cancer, AIDS etc?

Q23:  Why do people die of cancer, AIDS etc?


Thanks for the question. This writer’s four year old son died of cancer and nobody could tell me why. This is much like question 2,3 and 7. There is no specific answer that I can give. I have to say that many of our modern sicknesses are self inflicted. To eat too much and get too fat is dangerous and smoking is too. I only recently learnt that smoking can eventually cause you to lose a foot or a leg or make you blind. It squeezes blood vessels smaller and cuts circulation of blood.

Chemicals in our food I avoid. Fruit, to me 60 years ago, was wonderful and tasty. Now it seems to me mostly tasteless. The soil is depleted and chemical fertiliser does not help earthworms and bacteria that make the soil good.

The Bible tells us to only have sex with your wife or husband. But, we think we know better, and pay a heavy price in six or eight diseases, some of which can make you sterile.


Q24:  How was God born if he did not have a wife?

Q24:  How was God born if he did not have a wife?


Many folk think of this but God is a Supernatural being.

He is not like us – although some could say correctly, “We are made in his image and likeness” (Gen.1:26). Yes, we are made in his likeness but we cannot do the things that God has done – he is different.

We could not dream of creating worlds and universes, trees, flowers, butterflies and so on.

He does not have, or need a wife.


Q25:  If God only wants good, nice people and a nice world with no wars, how come there still is?

Q25:  If God only wants good, nice people and a nice world with no wars, how come there still is?


This is a question we all ask.

The disciples asked Jesus to teach them to pray. Part of The Lord’s prayer as it has become says; “Thy kingdom come, thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.”

Read it slowly and digest every word. “Thy (God’s) kingdom come.”

How many do you know who are working to bring God’s kingdom to earth? “Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven”.

How many people go against God’s will in daily life. I am thinking more of grown-ups in government and industry, more than children.

How many people make drugs, bombs, alcohol and land mines and machines of war.

As a civilisation I think we seem to love going to war of some sort or another pretty often.

The greed of ‘Banksters’, money people and the staggering money losses in 2008 shows how people love money too much.

I think that our society loves ‘things’ far too much but they do not make us happy.

What do you think?


Q26:  Why did he have to die?

Q26:  Why did he have to die?


The death of Jesus was the central ’core’ of God’s plan to enable us to get into heaven.

When Jesus left his home in heaven, he knew that he was going to later, die for us all.

In all his time on He knew that crucifixion lay ahead. Wow!

His death and suffering are prophesied in Isaiah chapter 53.

Right through the Bible is what is called ‘A Crimson Thread’ that starts in Paradise with Adam and Eve and ends in the triumph of good over evil in Revelation.

(God counts a thousand years as a day and a day a thousand years.)

The ‘Crimson Thread’ is shed blood. First, it was animals blood to cover our sins and later, the blood of Jesus to ‘wash away’ our sins.

The Christian cross is the most universally recognised symbol of Jesus, the Christian message of ‘Good news’ that God loves us. Further, that Jesus paid the price of our sin, in blood, to invite us into heaven. Jesus was willing to do it for us. That is ‘Good news’ indeed.

This hymn sums it up very well.


There is a green hill far away

Outside a city wall,

Where the dear lord was crucified

Who died to save us all.

We may not know, we cannot tell

What pains he had to bear.

But we believe it was for us,

He hung and suffered there.

He died that we might be forgiven

He died to make us good.

That we might go at last to heaven,

Saved by his precious blood.

There was no other good enough

To pay the price of sin.

He only could unlock the gate

Of heaven and let us in.

Oh dearly, dearly has he loved,

And we must love him too.

And trust in His redeeming blood.

And try his works to do.

Cecil Alexander. 1848.

William Horsley has put a lovely melody to sing it to.



Please note: Christianity is the only ‘religion’ where you cannot pay for, work for, do good deeds for or pay for later. Your heart (mind spirit) is what Jesus asks for. You want to please, and work for him, after you learn to know him. Once you understand what it is all about...you want to give your all! Your talents, skills, money and in many cases the best years of your life as Doctors, nurses, teachers, health care, farming, etc., etc., helping others. It is a life-changing event, but not all Christians discover this and that is sad.


Q27:  What was he thinking on the cross?

Q27:  What was he thinking on the cross?


Thank you. You children never cease to thrill me with your ideas and questions. I have never thought on this.

The Bible says that He was like us in every way. He got tired, weary, frustrated, angry, hungry and thirsty.

I sort of cringe at writing what the Son of God was thinking while he hung there, naked, humiliated, thirsty and Oh! the pain! To the Romans, who controlled the country at the time of Jesus, crucifixion was the most painful way they could think of to kill people. It sort of put you off doing wrong to them. You die of asphyxiation because you cannot breathe much at all.

He thought of his Mum (Mary) and told John to take care of her. (John 19:26-27). He thought very kindly of the criminal who knew he deserved to die. Jesus gave him a solemn promise that: “Today you will be with me in paradise.” (Luke 23:39-43). Jesus did not answer the mocking insults of evil men. And lastly, God turned away from him and left him alone to suffer.

Jesus knew God had turned away and cried out: “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me.” Then said:” It is finished.” And he then died. (Matthew 27:45-58)


Q28:  When was God born? (and) How old is God?

Q28:  When was God born? (and) How old is God?


The Bible has no specific information on this. Is says: “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.” (Genesis 1:1). He is not human and born like we are. He was ‘There’ and made it all happen. You will find out all such things when you are in heaven. I’ll want to know too.


Q29:  Were the nails like a pinprick, or did they really hurt him?

Q29:  Were the nails like a pinprick, or did they really hurt him?


Be assured he felt the pain like anybody else.

Apart from the nails he suffered much, much more, but I think you ought to read it yourself to be able to fully understand the price He paid for us. It does not get talked about much these days.

Some Christians do not like to talk about blood, nails, pain, mocking and abuse. It is all there, written down as a true record. Only three chapters.

See Matthew chapter 26, 27 and 28.


Q30:  He killed himself for us, how can’t he become human again? I don’t understand.

Q30:  He killed himself for us, how can’t he become human again? I don’t understand.


Many ‘groan ups’ don’t understand either and that is their fault. In Australia Bibles are plentiful…but are not read enough. Those people are not interested enough to read it all and that are very sad. Australia today is being called a ‘Post-Christian’ country because so many are not serious Christians. In a census, 80% say they believe in God. But a great majority do not go further with it.

To your question: Jesus came to earth once, lived as a normal human. Preached for three years, taught 12 Disciples all he could about God. Then he was crucified once and for all-to pay for our sins then rose to life on the third day as he said he would!

No other has ever done that!

Much about what Jesus did was in 300 prophecies spread over a thousand years. Jesus himself prophesied his Second Coming.

So, much of God’s long-term plans have been fulfilled. The Second Coming is yet to happen.

Jesus will come again but as the ruler of the new earth he has promised. He has no need to come again in human form.


Q31:  Ask him to appear for me? I would like to see him.

Q31:  Ask him to appear for me? I would like to see him.


A similar question was asked of Jesus by Herod who was anxious to see a miracle because he had heard that Jesus did do miracles.

Jesus declined simply because that is not the way He works. He is not a paid performer nor is He at our disposal to see him. Those two high priests still did not change after He rose from the dead. Jesus said to Thomas: “Blessed are you who have seen and believed, but more blessed are those who have not seen, yet they believe”. It is a matter of faith.

God is not without people seeing him...or hearing Him or his messenger.

A close friend had some truly awful news and wanted to die because everything looked so black and horrible. While driving along in this mood, in daylight, God’s face appeared to her and said:

”Do not worry, it will be alright, I will be with you.” Or something like that.It was only for a second. That was many years ago. She’s OK now and never ceases to help anyone in need.

I have been ‘Spoken to’ by an unseen voice four times.

I did not ask for it, I assure you. One was about having a family, another to go see a lady which stopped her suiciding and another to curb my superiority and another regarding my future work with children. This book is a part of that.

God is there, but in the above examples is was to have his will done. Read your Bible, and then you will ’see’ Him much more clearly.


QUESTIONS 32 & 33:  How was he made, and the world? Why did you make everything,
animals, people and the environment?

QUESTIONS 32 & 33:  How was he made, and the world? Why did you make everything,
animals, people and the environment?


The Bible simply does not to tell us such things so there is no easy answer.

I believe that this beautiful world – trees, flowers, animals, birds, butterflies and cuddly animals and of course pretty girls (I am a gent, so I like girls).

All these work together so well. Trees need rain, bees need flowers and tree blossom, and we get yummy honey. Birds nest there.

Thousands of fruits like bananas, apricots, apples, oranges, watermelon, etc., etc. A very kind and brilliant creator gave us all these to enjoy. In the beginning God said: “Let us make man in our image and likeness.” (Genesis 1:26).

And in another part: “By faith – by believing God – we know that the world and the stars – in fact all things were made at God’s command.” (Hebrews 11:26).

The older I get, no other idea can fully explain how it all works in a beautiful ‘Web of Life’

And more: Our planet spins just right, once a day, orbits the sun annually, tilts to give us four seasons and stays in perfect orbit and has done so for millions of years.

What God thinks of our clear-felling forests, fouling oceans and rivers and treating our environment as though it was rubbish tip I can only imagine.


Q34:  What’s heaven like?

Q34:  What’s heaven like?


“Eye has not seen, nor ear heard, nor has entered into the heart of man, the things that God has prepared for those who love him.” (I Corinthians 2:9). Those words from Paul say it all.

I have been told by a very trusted friend, and read of many others, how they have died but came back to life. Some begged not to go back, others begged to return to earth. None said it was easy to find words to describe the beauty. “Words cannot describe the beauty,” is common.

My friend, who has since died, was allergic to penicillin ‘died’ in 1950. He told me that he talked to someone of power and promised to: “Tell someone about Jesus every day of my life if you let me go back.”

He got his wish, and did. He spent a lot of money on three-inch cassette spool tape recorders with messages about God. In his business he travelled widely leaving recorders with people. I was one who learned much from him. He told me quite late in his life of his ‘talk’ with someone ‘up there’. He seldom spoke and never bragged about it.

Books have been written of similar experiences.

Be assured heaven is real. Jesus said so, and he is getting it ready.


Q35:  I want to know whether or not I am going to heaven and see my Grandad?

Q35:  I want to know whether or not I am going to heaven and see my Grandad?


The decision is entirely yours.

It does not depend on you being ‘good enough’. It is simply a matter of believing what Jesus said and did.

Jesus said: “Unless you repent and become like little children you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.” (Matthew 18:3). Jesus also said: “I am the one who raises the dead and gives them life again. Anyone who believes in me, even though he dies like anyone else, shall live gain. He is given eternal life for believing in me and shall never perish.” (John 11:25-26). There is your promise.

Once you believe you want to learn more about the one who died for you and makes that promise. Read your Bible; mix with fellow believers in a good church.

As for your Grandad, I know nothing of him so I cannot say if you’ll see him.


Q36:  Can you show us a miracle?

Q36:  Can you show us a miracle?


Yes it’s not too hard. Make a hole in a garden hose and it will never stop letting water out. Make a hole in human skin and blood will come out, for a while, then a miracle occurs and slowly the bleeding stops.

You did nothing. Unseen, a, small army of ‘friendly blood cells’ go to work to stop the bleeding.

A miracle? Yes!

People in Jesus day asked what you have asked. Jesus said “The only miracle you will see will be like Jonah in the whale. I will be in the earth three days and three nights.”(Mt.12:38-42).

Jesus was talking about his resurrection after his death. Crusty old atheists look at a new born baby and say: “Beautiful – it’s a miracle.”

Joke: A child was busily drawing in Sunday school and the teacher asked: “What are you drawing?” “I am drawing God.” “But nobody knows what he looks like.” “Well they will when I’m finished.” says he.


Q37:  I don’t understand, I have difficulty believing in him.

Q37:  I don’t understand, I have difficulty believing in him.


That’s OK. Youth is a time of discovering and trying out many things, not to mention school and making friends.

Millions say the same thing and most of them in this country forget about God because life is so easy, maybe too easy.

And some wait till they are old and start ‘Cramming for their finals’ to be sure they make it.

The Bible says: “He is a rewarder of those that diligently seek him.” (Hebrews 11:6).

If you really want to believe, just read your Bible. Start with the Gospel of John. (only takes two to three hours) Somehow, you will sometime notice an unseen helper and good things seem to come your way. Jesus knows you’re serious. He knows our thoughts.

There can come a time in your life when a person who has believed in God for years has endured a very hard time in life.

None of it was of their doing – just circumstances that hurt very deeply. It could be a war, a car smash, the death of someone who was loved very much had died.

I have heard people on radio say that: “…the ‘thing’ was so devastating that I could no longer believe in an all-loving God anymore. I simply lost my faith.” It nearly happened to me after my fall, the wheelchair and all that, I certainly got my thinking wrong. Good, mature Christians helped me through. How? They had been down the same road themselves and really knew what it was like.


Q38:  Are you the only person up there?

Q38:  Are you the only person up there?


A short answer is no. Moses and Elijah, two Old Testament heroes met with Jesus at ‘The Transfiguration’ when God spoke and said: “This is my Son with whom I am well pleased. Listen to Him.” (Mt. 17:1-9). Those two guys had been dead for 500 years by then!

When Jesus told the story of heaven and hell, with the rich man in hell; there were other people with him in heaven.

See ‘The rich man and Lazarus’ (Luke 16:19-31).

Paul wrote to encourage the believers in Corinth that the troubles they were having from persecution would not last forever: “For we know that when this tent (body) we live in is taken down-we will have wonderful new bodies in heaven, homes that will be ours for evermore, made for us by God.” (2.Cor.5:1).


Q39:  How could He help sick people?

Q39:  How could He help sick people?


God’s power within Him. He would just ‘call on God’ in His mind and his words would make it happen. On one occasion a lady ‘…touched the hem of his garment’ and was healed.

Jesus said: “Who touched me? I felt power go out from me.” (Mark 5:25-34). Be assured people get helped today, as in the time when Jesus was here, but not everyone. And that happened in Jesus time too, not everyone.

I have met one very much-changed lady who was lost in the South China Sea on a child’s dugout canoe for three days and two nights. This lady, Michelle Hamilton, had told her mum that she: “…did not need this Jesus thank you.” Jesus had very recently transformed her mum’s life. God, or his messenger spoke very clearly to Michelle ten or more times. Even repeated the statement: “You are not going to die.”

In my 78 years I have never heard of God’s messenger repeating what he had just said when asked to.

Michelle was a most independent girl but by the third day was in very poor shape and needed help. She saw an island and it looked very good to her so she paddled towards it. Voice: “Don’t go that way, turn around and go the other way.” Michelle of course knew that was silly, she wanted her feet on solid ground and kept going.

Her canoe was picked up by an unseen hand and thrown in the opposite direction. She swam after it and soon met her rescue boat. It was manned by Christian fishermen. They thought she was: “an Americano Mermaid”. They were very poor with almost no education. They were amazingly kind and generous.

Her book, A Mighty Tempest, is amazing reading. Filled with many miracles. She now lives in Sydney.

So, how could he help sick people and those in trouble? In his own way – not always when we ask, but miracles still happen and we all must use the medical help that is readily available.


Q40:  Can you die in heaven?

Q40:  Can you die in heaven?


“No!” it goes on forever and ever. AND no crying, no night and the ‘River of life’ flows down the main street. The fruit trees will yield twelve crops of fruit a year and the leaves are for: “…the healing of the nations.”

Wow! The nations will be healed – I guess that means no wars.

The disciple John was given a vision of heaven while in exile on the Island of Patmos. John was the only Disciple to be alive in his old age. See (Rev.22:1-5).

Please note we will not be sitting on clouds playing harps. Jesus said to his Disciples: “I am going to prepare a place for you…” If Jesus does it, it will be very, very good.


Q41:  Can you be banished from heaven?

Q41:  Can you be banished from heaven?


I don’t know so I can’t say. Way, way back Satan was banished because he had rebellion in his heart but he was a created angel.

Heaven will be far better than we can ever imagine. The Bible says: “Eye has nor seen, nor ear heard nor has anyone imagined what God has prepared for those whom love him.” (1 Corinthians 2:9).

It will be very good so if it was possible, who would want to be banished? Not me.


Q42:  How does he control us?

Q42:  How does he control us?


It is not like an aeroplane where the man in the control tower gives the pilot instruction as to ‘Take-off’ and ‘Landing’.

It takes most of us many years to know the difference between our wanting something and what is good for us and what God wants us to have, or do. Basically the choice is yours. You tell him that you would like Him to ‘control’ you. He will know what you mean.

Then, do mix with people who are serious about ‘putting into practise’ what the Bible says. As we get to know more, we grow more, and little by little we learn to know how, and what, God would have us do. Very seldom will you hear his, or His messengers speak audibly to you. I have had that happen four times in 78 years. I never asked.

Mostly, we know what’s right. Sometimes, our heart overrules what we might badly want. We learn later that it was not wise to have that thing. That’s how we learn from our mistakes. Christians should never be in a hurry to make big decisions.


Q43:  Why did they kill him?

Q43:  Why did they kill him?


Basically, it was a part of God’s ‘Rescue Package’ to bring us back to Him. Seems strange but it’s true.

If Jesus had not died, there would be no world changing resurrection of Jesus from the grave. Christianity would simply be another ‘good set of rules and ideas to live by’. There are plenty of them around.

God’s love, and Jesus’ love was shown to us in the death and resurrection of Jesus.

An illustration: Somebody does something bad, really bad. The police cannot find him and the public complain that the police cannot find the criminal and are under pressure to catch one. They finally do, but the man is innocent. No matter – we have a suspect and false charges make him seem guilty. He goes to jail and the public are happy.

He has become the ‘fall guy’ for the real criminal and pays the price with time in jail. Jesus volunteered to be the ‘fall guy’ for us. A ‘sacrificial lamb’ is another example of an innocent one paying the price of someone else’s crime.

We could not get to heaven by our own efforts. Jesus paid the price for our sins to get us there.


Q44:  If God made the earth, who made Mars and the planets?

Q44:  If God made the earth, who made Mars and the planets?


Thanks for the question, I like it. Since 1991 I have become very interested in the Milky Way with its 400,000,000,000 stars.

In 1991 ‘they’ said was 100,000,000,000. In 2005 I heard on the radio that it was 400b. What? I phoned up the Perth Observatory to check. “Yes, the evidence says it is 400b.” And that is just in our ordinary galaxy The Milky Way. Sad to say our sun is just an ordinary sized star in the top corner of our galaxy, and will only last another 66 million years (or was it 2 billion?). Heck, that’s not very long! The nearest star to ours is Alpha Centauri and that is 94,700,266,000,000, km away from us. Phew! That’s a long walk.

Who, or whatever made our galaxy, the making of Mars and 13 other planets would be a simple ‘after hours job’.

Mars is about 50 million km away and the sun is 125 million km away from us. There are 5,000 to 100,000 galaxies in the universe, and still counting.

I believe that the one true God made it all. King David wrote: “He counts the stars and calls them all by name.” (Psalm 139:4). How, I cannot imagine.

“Thanks God.” It’s beautiful.


This is not a question but a very helpful ‘Power statement’ from Mr Zig Ziglar.

You’re where you are, you’re what you are because of what has gone into your mind. You can change where you are, you can change what you are, by changing what goes into your mind.” (Zig Ziglar, Perth 1984)

Think about it! A lovely girl in my Scripture class wrote some years ago: “Your mind is not a rubbish tip so don’t put garbage into it.” One-hundred percent good sense! Ask yourself: “Is what I put into my mind doing me good or is some of it plain filth and I would be better without it?”

May you be where God can bless your future life.


Q45:  I can talk, but I can’t see Him.

Q45:  I can talk, but I can’t see Him.


It is fairly normal for a child to expect to see him.

And many children have seen His angels but mostly they are not believed. Most mums and dads are too busy to ask the little child to tell more because they do not believe it could happen. An older Grandma may stop and listen to the story.

Jesus said of children: “Beware that you don’t look down upon a single one of these little children. For I tell you that in heaven their angels have constant access to my Father.” (Matt. 18:10). This is a comment in a Bible I have:

Our concern for children must parallel God’s treatment of them. Certain angels are assigned to watch over children and they have direct access to God. These words ring out sharply in cultures where children are taken lightly, ignored, or aborted. If their angels have constant access to God, the least we can do is to allow children to approach us easily in spite of our far-too-busy schedules.” (Life Application Bible p 53) Tindale House Publishers, USA 1987.

So you may not see him, but be assured children are very special to Jesus. God is not normally seen. Only Moses did and that was a special time for all in receiving God’s law.

Suppose somebody did and took a photo. Money hungry ‘Groan-ups’ would have His face on breakfast cereal, cool drink bottles, etc. Greedy people cannot be trusted to be ‘good’. They just can’t.


Q46:  Why does God let people starve?

Q46:  Why does God let people starve?


God doesn’t – people do.

Did you know that every day 25,000 children under five years old die from easily prevented sickness or hunger?

And 1,500,000,000 people go to bed hungry every night, while 1,500,000,000 in ‘The West’ are sick from eating too much food.

A very sad fact of life is that money and power (over other people) rules, OK?

When all the dust, lies and disputes are settled it is money, and resources like oil, gold, copper, or other minerals that are important. What has this got to do with people starving? People get in the way of greed.

If people get in the way they must be shifted; sometimes to other lands, refugee camps – and in some cases killed. Some people are quite without mercy or pity for others and kill them.

God must get pretty sad – and maybe angry to watch it all.

There is another side too. Many countries do not have an elected government. Australia has but it too has faults.

In some countries an Army General may gather around him a large group of armed soldiers or Militia and ‘Rule From the End of a Gun’ and terrorise its people to do as they are told. Now- these dictators spend much money of war material and flashy cars. So...not much money left for schools, hospitals and imported food if it is needed. I recently received from a reputable organisation, some information on this problem: 60% of the world’s poor are Muslim, 80% of the world’s refugees are Muslim and 15 of the top 20 nations on the Human Rights Watch list (i.e. abuse of human rights) are Muslim.

Why do refugees want to come to (mostly Christian) countries? They give people a ‘fair go’.

Sorry, but that answer could not be short. It is a knotty problem.


Q47:  If I don’t believe in God will I go to hell?

Q47:  If I don’t believe in God will I go to hell?


First, it is not for me to say – I am not your judge.

But if you get to be grown up and do not believe in God would you really expect God to say: “You must come into heaven.” No! He will not, so you will be where God is not, with other people who do not believe in him.

I reckon that would not be very nice. So, be smart – let God in and enjoy all the good things he has in store for those who love him.


Q48:  I have always wondered if it is true that God knows what we are thinking?

Q48:  I have always wondered if it is true that God knows what we are thinking?


I know the answer is ‘Yes’.

When I was younger and thought I knew everything, I was going to my car to drive to my church where there was to be a ‘World Day of Prayer.’ All churches in my area were to have a meeting of interested persons to pray for the world.

On my way to the car I was thinking, “How can we all pray together? The Catholics bring their Rosary Beads; the Anglicans bring their Book of Prayer and what if the Charismatics pray in ‘tongues’ (unknown languages) it will be strange? I was thinking ‘We Baptists are the best and the right way.’ A voice interrupted my thoughts saying : “What makes you think you are better than them?” Oops! Proud and superior?

Yes, lesson learnt.

And King David wrote: “Before a word is on my tongue you know it completely O Lord.” (Psalm 139:4). David, Goliath’s killer, was very close to God.


Q49:  When you pray to God, why doesn’t he talk back?

Q49:  When you pray to God, why doesn’t he talk back?


You could expect Him to answer now and then because that’s how children are. People do hear his, or his messenger’s voice now and then, but mostly in extreme circumstances. I know of a girl, 22yo. had God speak to her ten or twenty times.

I am glad it was not me! She was lost in the South China Sea for three days and two nights on a child’s canoe. Her book is thrilling: A Mighty Tempest and she tells it all. She was not a Christian when she went out and was carried away by a strong ocean current. She is a Christian now. She was on TV, newspapers, magazines, etc.

On she third day she called out: “God am I going to die?” Voice: “You are not going to die.” “How can you say that? This is my third day and I can not hang on any more” Voice: “You are not going to die.” She ignored ‘the voice’ and paddled off towards an island and had the canoe turned around by a unseen hand which bought about her rescue by Christian fishermen. They thought she was a mermaid. Yes they did! Finding a pretty girl with long blond hair, 100 miles from shore was unusual.

I have heard that ‘voice’ four times in 78 years. I did not ask for it.

Jesus knows “What we have need have before we ask.” (Matthew 7:8). Also, today we have the Bible to guide us, friends to seek good advice from and lots of good books.

Read one of my encounters with a ‘voice’ in the appendix. The ‘voice’ interrupted my Bible reading to tell me over and over to go see a lady until I said, “Alright, I’ll go.” My visit stopped the lady from killing herself. God is there all right and He knows your thoughts too.


Q50:  Why are there different gods for Chinese and English people?

Q50:  Why are there different gods for Chinese and English people?


All people who can think have a need to worship something. Every race of people has their idea, or system of worship. They know there is something up there or out there.

With nothing to see or touch they make one and endow it with godlike power. That is why Christian missionaries are all over the world telling anyone who will listen the ‘Good News’ about Jesus. Many of them are killed in some way every year in countries that are hostile to the ‘Good News’ of Jesus.

Many choose to follow the God of the Christian people and are very happy. In some countries converts to Jesus have to keep it a secret so as not to be killed. And that is true!


Q51:  Why did he let bad people into the world? He is creator.

Q51:  Why did he let bad people into the world? He is creator.


Yes, He is the creator of humans all right. I believe that when a newly married couple have their first baby, it is a beautiful miracle. He/she is 50% mum and 50% dad and to them – the most beautiful baby in the whole world.

Come back in twenty years time and see the result of what has gone into that child’s mind and body. Lots of good things...or drugs, alcohol, and maybe damaged DNA (from drugs) by mum or dad before the child was born. Add to that good pure food and clean air- or polluted air and chemically laden food and drink-and you have the result in the 20-year-old boy or girl.

Could be a brain surgeon, or a drug addict. All depends on how the parents raise and feed the child.

Let me quote Zig Ziglar again. A song put to the tune The Hokey Pokey.

You dump garbage in

You get garbage out,

You dump garbage and you spread it all about.

You’re into ‘Stinkin thinkin’ and kickin’ cats around,

That’s what losing is all about.

You put ‘Good Stuff’ in,

You get ‘Good Stuff’ out,

You put ‘Good Stuff’ in,

And you spread it all about,

You quit your ‘Stinkin Thinkin’

And kicking cats around.

That’s what winning is all about.

(Zig Ziglar, Perth, 1984)


We are all a product of our parents, homes, schools, and work, Friends, ‘rellies’ and our choices. Yes we all make choices every day to do right or wrong.

God did not make us robots but people with a free will to choose right or wrong.


Q52:  Why are people so hateful and non-caring and no respect?

Q52:  Why are people so hateful and non-caring and no respect?


Part of the answer to this one is in the last question Q51.

Trouble is too many kids do not get enough hugs from a mum and dad who truly love and cherish them. And, this really grieves me – some kids know that they are not really wanted. They get almost no affection or hugs at home and many are abused too. That is very, very sad to see.

Without care and affection many kids take to alcohol and drugs to: “Take away the pain.” What pain? The pain of knowing that nobody really cares if they have been abused, or if they live or die.

In World War Two (1939 to 1945) Germany’s leader, Adolph Hitler, thought he would raise a generation of ‘Super Aryan Germans’ who would grow up to run and rule the world after the war. The babies were to be brought up tough with little care or love.

With no mother to hug and love them the children mostly became mental defectives. Listless and without any real spark in their hearts.

I would say to you that a loving mum and dad with time to give to their children is a priceless gift to a child. Without it resentment and anger could be the result and too many may become hateful and with no respect.

Sorry this page is a sad look at society in Australia today. May you set your heart on being a good mum or dad when your time comes?


Q53:  Did you really create everything and will fighting ever stop?

Q53:  Did you really create everything and will fighting ever stop?


Yes, He did, in the beginning, create everything that was good.

However, when Adam and Eve’s children grew up there was a murder. Yes! Sad to say, out of jealousy Cain murdered his brother Abel. God warned Cain that: “...sin is crouching at your door and desires to have you but you can beat it.” Advice ignored; and when Cain was banished far away, what did he say? “Oh, my punishment is too much to bear.” He was warned! And there was no “Sorry.” (Gen.4:1-16).

We can be a difficult lot, and selfish at times.

God did create ‘good’ things but we choose to use them to our own advantage too often. We are all ‘slow learners’ in life. I do not think there are many exceptions and getting to know God takes a lifetime – a bit each day.

‘Fighting?’ If aliens have been watching us for very long, they must shake their heads and say: “Will they never learn – always fighting and they have the prettiest planet of all – but insist on fouling it up! A weird mob.” True or not?


Q54:  When would people have a mind not to hurt people?

Q54:  When would people have a mind not to hurt people?


When they get transformed. What? No, I do not mean the model plastic transformers, or the electric power transformers on poles in your street.

Not long after Jesus was crucified, buried and transformed back to life by God, a very zealous Jew (a Pharisee) named Saul hated Christians. He had an I.Q. of around 150, very smart and highly educated as well.

He was so well connected he got letters from the Temple Priests and made it his job to catch Christians, put ’em in chains and have them sent to Jerusalem for punishment, even death, just for believing in this ‘Jesus’.

Paul and his group were on their way to Damascus to find some more when he got a shock and fell to the ground and a ‘voice’ said “Saul, Saul, why do you persecute me?” Saul: “Who are you Lord?”

“I am Jesus who you persecute.”

Saul was now blind and was led by his group to Damascus. He spent several days there in meditation (not used to being blind) and God sent a Christian to heal him, but he said: “But he’s a menace to us.” God said “I’ve changed him.” Saul was healed and was transformed into a Christian supporter in place of the persecutor he used to be. Read it all in (Acts 9:1-31).

There were many attempts to kill him but they all failed and Saul, now known, as Paul could not be silenced. That was called, and still is today ‘A Damascus Road experience’. TV and radio commentators use the phrase today to describe a complete turn around of a person’s way of life.

Another word is ‘conversion’.

This writer can easily spot a Christian from Asia. How? There is ‘life’ – a true sparkle in their eyes, and all fear is gone. I do not say that lightly. Becoming a true Christian completely changes a person.

SO…your answer? When those people discover that God is real and truly follow the way of Jesus. Maybe – only in heaven – because things look bad these days here on earth.

Phew! That was long, sorry.


Q55:  Why do bad things happen to good people?

Q55:  Why do bad things happen to good people?


I have asked this one myself as have millions of ordinary folk.

There is no simple answer. Sorry about that, but is a very common, very complex (hard to understand and explain) question.

I broke my back on the tenth anniversary of the birth of my only son. He died six years before. Simple coincidence; or Devil’s work to ‘rub salt into a wound’? Nobody laughed for years in our family, after he died.

You may have good reason to ask it too. We all eventually have to ‘deal’ with what we are given (like in a game of cards) because we cannot see the future. God can!

Many folk pay money to find out the future from people who think they can tell them the future. They can never be truly sure but they do take people’s money for their opinion. “Humph!”

A seventeen-year-old disabled girl, and me, have said “Thank you” to God for the serious disability…and the life that came after it. For me it was not easy!

Mrs Joni Eriksson-Tada was one. Joni was made a quadriplegic as a seventeen-year-old girl. Like me, it took years to get used to quadriplegia, but has written, I think, seventeen books on how God has led her since her diving accident. She’s helped many!

Me, at 39 years old got baptised. A clear voice said then: “You’ll be working with children.” I had no idea what it meant and the guy who baptised me heard nothing. I soon forgot about it. Four years later I had a fall at home, got paraplegia and got into a wheelchair. I was enrolled at University two years later.

I became a teacher at 49 yo. Did that for seven years and became a Scripture teacher in 1988. This year is my 23rd year as a Scripture teacher, and this book is a part of ‘big picture’ of which I knew nothing when I broke my back. They have been the best years of my life.

If somebody had told me that all of that would happen in the future – I would have laughed at such a ‘wild’ idea. It happened!

We ask this question pointing our finger at God. But, is He to blame? No. He can, and does do miracles but does not make bad things happen to ‘good’ people.

He can ‘make lemonade from lemons’. Complainers who point the finger at God and ask: “Why?” do not give God a thought when things go well. Do you agree?

My favourite story in the Bible is about Job. The richest man in all that land. God allowed Satan to harm Job really badly. The whole story exposes Satan for what he is. Read chapters 1 to 3 and 38 to 42. It tells much of the character of Job, Satan, God and men. “What miserable comforter you are. Will your long winded speeches never end?” said Job (Job 16:1-2). Well worth reading.


Q56:  Can you stop people cutting down trees?

Q56:  Can you stop people cutting down trees?


No. Put very simply animals are not stupid like people.

Some people just seem to hate trees. I love them and the birds that come into my yard to feed on them.
Trees can be sold for money, so someone wants to cut it down and sell it! Especially forests. Trees make
oxygen and wood from carbon dioxide in the air. “They are the lungs of the world!” but stupid humans
cannot seem to stop cutting them down.

The young people of the world will have to, somehow, force the stupid people in the world to stop cutting them down.


Q57:  Why do people have to blow up tall buildings? And innocent people die?
How come all the bad things are happening?

Q57:  Why do people have to blow up tall buildings? And innocent people die?
How come all the bad things are happening?


Those questions cover a host of very awkward questions that cannot be easily answered. Why? Well, the whole truth only comes out many years later! I can assure you that by the time you get to 50 years old many untold facts probably will have been told about this tragedy.

That’s how things are today! Lies, and half truths are very common in high places in most countries these days. They all want to protect their image as ‘The good guys’. The others are the ‘Bad guys’ of course.

A lady wrote a letter to the New York Times or some paper after those buildings fell. I heard on the radio that the letter simply said: “Really – what did you expect?” meaning that The USA was not innocent of some quite bad things done in other countries.

If Muslims did it, it is a bit like the question “Why are there Suicide bombers?” (see Q71). They would really believe that they are getting rid of ‘evil’ people. This world has always had similar evil things happen.

Nero (a Roman Caesar) had many Christians killed, stuck on poles and set on fire – to impress on all Christian to ‘behave’ or get the same treatment. In World War II the Germans, under Hitler’s orders, killed 6 million Jews. 52 million died in all. God must hate it all, but they said: “God is on our side.” How wrong.

Back to those ‘buildings’. There was a 45-story building not far from the two tall ones. It imploded (collapsed too). And, it seems that no airplane hit the Pentagon – the hole in the wall was not big enough to be made by an airplane and there was no fire. Many questions remain unanswered.

And about: “All the bad things are happening?”

I personally believe that the world cannot really support 6,000,000,000 people. Why? (my opinion) “The rich are not going to give up the money and ‘things’ they have and live more simply so that others may simply live.” Think about that. The poor people are getting desperate for a better life.


Q58 (Three questions in one):  Why did you come back?
Why he won’t show up and everyone believe?
Why does he make us die?

Q58 (Three questions in one):  Why did you come back?
Why he won’t show up and everyone believe?
Why does he make us die?


I have to assume that you mean ‘come back from the grave’.

First of all He said He would: “rise to life on the third day.” (Mark 8:31 & Lk.18:31-34).

Nobody had ever said that before and nobody since, but He did.

Coming back to life sets Jesus Christ apart, far apart, from any other ‘religion’ in the entire world. Rising from the dead was proof that His, and God’s promises come true.

As for his ‘showing up and everyone believe’? They will not all believe! It was like that when Jesus rose from the grave. Be assured, many did believe but many still persecuted the 12 disciples and anyone who believed with them.

God does not ‘make us die’. Our life on earth is like a ‘school of life’ that gets us ready for what is beyond the grave. The Bible says “…we shall be like him,” and will have a spiritual body like Jesus had, one that will never die (see 1 Cor.15: 42-44 and Lk.24:36-43).

He showed us the way. ‘Thanks God.’ I know it will be good in heaven with you. Please note, the ‘spiritual bodies’ will be for Christians in heaven.


Q59:  What would my future be?

Q59:  What would my future be?


It plainly depends on the choices you make with what comes your way. Some choose to moan and protest that life has been hard so ‘I will sit down and cry’. Others will see a problem that is really not a problem and make it their business to tell everybody how unlucky they are.

Another makes friends with some group they know ‘do crimes’ and it seems exciting. That is, until they finish up in jail because they all got caught.

There is a great saying: “You lie down with dogs – you get up with fleas.”

One good true friend is more valuable than gold and diamonds. They never gossip, lie to you or cheat. Hang on to that friend, and make yourself a true, reliable friend to that one. Such friendships can last a lifetime.

King Solomon, the wisest man who ever lived wrote in the Bible 3,000 years ago, “If you want favour with both God and man and a reputation for good judgement and common sense, then trust the Lord
completely, don’t ever trust yourself. In everything you do, put God first and He will direct
you and crown your efforts with success.” (Proverbs.3:5-6).

Wisdom can be had too. Another one goes: “The man who knows right from wrong,
has good judgement and common sense is happier than the man who immensely
rich.” (Proverbs 3:13–15).

Whatever you do, do not seek to see the future from clairvoyants, or
fortunetellers, EVER!


Q60:  Why did my grandfather die because it was before his time and everyone loved him

Q60:  Why did my grandfather die because it was before his time and everyone loved him


I cannot tell you and I’m sorry that he has gone. We all, in our hearts, want our Grandparents to live forever. That’s how it should be. However some of them can be mongrels and nasty characters and few miss them when they go.

To have that good Grandad must have been great.

Nobody can tell when his or her time is up or why. SO…make the most of them while they are here and say, “thank you” to God for them every day and love them.


Q61:  Why is life so hard?
What is the meaning of life?

Q61:  Why is life so hard?
What is the meaning of life?


It will all be revealed in heaven!

Why is life so hard? Further back is a question “Why are we so mean?” (Q22).

I cannot here give an answer that is accurate and true. I have not met you and looked into your eyes and checked your health. Please read Q22 and have a long thorough talk with your doctor, Mum/Dad school chaplain or someone and so ensure there are no physical problems.

It could be that you want too much! A teacher told me, that in one country in Africa you cannot send your child to such-and-such a school because you have glass in your windows. Why? ‘That means you are already quite rich if you can afford glass in your windows.’ Wow! Our country is much blessed and some of us want more and more. I hope that is not you.

What is the meaning of life? Most people answering this question would hesitate and say: “Well it depends, er, um…and I don’t want to push my opinions...er.” Many more: “I have no idea.” And it’s true. Many do not think on it and wander through life not caring about the future.

You are good, you think about these things and that makes you a leader in some ways. Leaders think.

Because I call myself a ‘Serious Christian’ I think God comes in at the front of my answer.

What if the entire world obeyed God’s ‘Ten Commandments’? No lying, stealing, murder, adultery (sex outside marriage) and didn’t envy or steal their neighbour’s goods.

There are Ten Commandments in Exodus 20:1-17. It could be a very different world. No wars, divorce, or innocents in prison, etc. No police needed! Wow!

SO, I say the meaning of life is to love God and obey his laws, teach your children his laws and leave this world a better place for your being on it.


Q62:  Why you forgive people if they did wrong things?

Q62:  Why you forgive people if they did wrong things?


About the best question of all. Thank you so much.

Because Adam and Eve ‘messed up’ they were expelled from God’s presence. “God’s eye cannot look upon evil.” (Habakkuk 1:13).

There can be no sin in heaven. So how can God get us back into heaven so he could have a family around him?

God’s ‘rescue package’ would not be an instant result. His only begotten Son, Jesus, agreed that he would come to earth as a human. From there he would, to use his own words: “...do the will of my Father in heaven”. He displayed God’s power in miracles and teaching, then submitted to the travesty of a false trial, was whipped, spat on, beaten then crucified and put in a tomb. God raised him to life from the grave on the third day as Jesus said he would. By confessing our sins to God and believing in him we are given forgiveness of sins and eternal life. Free!

Forgiveness is God’s gift to us, in which he delights because we “are made in his image and likeness.” (Gen 1:26-27).

God loves to forgive but there is a price that someone has to pay for sin. The suffering and death of Jesus was the price. There is no other way; you cannot buy it, work for it or exchange anything for it. All sin has a price. A stolen rubber costs the price of another one. Someone has to pay.


Q63:  When will the whole world disappear?

Q63:  When will the whole world disappear?


Well the whole world will not ‘disappear’ as you say.

Jesus said it would be : “…the end of the age.” Not the world.

What will happen is that the earth will be cleaned up, I think by fire, and all evil will be removed and replaced by God’s new heaven and new earth.

To go into detail would take many pages, too heavy for a child to digest.

Be assured: If you are a part of God’s family you will be very pleased when it all happens and have no worries at all. May God bless your future.


Q64:  How did you get your magical powers?

Q64:  How did you get your magical powers?


Well, he certainly had a bundle of magical powers! HE can do anything! As a gentleman, I have to say I like the way He made girls and ladies. They’re lovely.

No unclean thoughts there, mind you.

Nobody really can tell just how God works but there is no doubt that 2 billion Christians know that God has got those powers.

A great example: You are standing on a planet that is revolving at 1,500 km/hr. This planet is travelling around the sun at 15 km a second –that’s once a year, It tilts 23 degrees twice a year to give us summer, autumn, winter and spring. Has been doing this for millions of years. COOL!

Not bad, I say – some power!

Also, this is sensational: You can fly from one end of this Milky Way galaxy to the other, if you can get a Concorde airliner and lots of fuel along the way.

Ensure that you get some ‘YIPPEE’ pills to add to the fuel to make it go 70 times its normal speed and make the Concorde do 250,000 km/hr – it would take 670 million years (Readers Digest Great World Atlas, 1961 p.103)

“Nothing is too hard for God.” (Jeremiah. 32:17).


Q65:  Does Jesus know what is going to happen in the future.

Q65:  Does Jesus know what is going to happen in the future.


Yes, without doubt, he does, and I thank you for asking it. I had not thought about it in 75 years. (Makes you smarter than me!)

In 1969 I got baptised and a voice said: “You’ll be working with children.” Nobody else heard it. I had never worked with children as I had always made things you can touch and see the finished job. I forgot about it.

Four years later I had a fall at home and got into a wheelchair. Six years later I was studying to be a teacher at university.

I taught for seven years then went to Bible College for two years and in 1988 I began Scripture teaching. This year will be 23 years and they have been the best years of my life. I love Yr. 7 kids!

While saying my prayers one morning a voice said: “Go and see Mrs Arnold”, a former cleaning lady.

I did not want to go-I had a lecture to go to. ‘We’ argued back and forth- for how long I know not. I did reluctantly go the 50 km round trip.

She came out to my car and said: “Well- God must have sent you. I was just about to jump out of the window and kill myself.” She talked for 45 minutes and I never got a chance to tell her: ”Well he did actually.”

Michelle Hamilton in her book A Mighty Tempest was lost at sea for three days and two nights in a child’s canoe. God was there all right and knew what would happen tomorrow. It is a thrilling read. She’s from Sydney.

She asked for nothing and neither did I. But God had a plan for both of us, and has a plan for your life too.


The ‘village idiot’ was pushing a carpenters measuring tape up a ladder but it kept falling back.

Other village idiot says: Why don’t you lay the ladder on the ground and measure it there?

Think I’m stupid do you? The foreman said measure the height, not the length!

From one girl I taught in 1990.

“Mr Harris, do you know why gorillas have such big fingers?”

“No Linda, I have no idea.”

“Well they have big fingers don’t they.” Putting her finger towards her nose. Oh yuk!

She was such a nice girl too (and still is).


And: What did the necklace say to the hat?

You go on a head and I’ll hang around.


Hope you liked those bits of fun.


Q66:  Judgement Day

Q66:  Judgement Day


These two words were all that the child wrote to me.

Please note that all these questions were written to me and I print them just as I got them with no changes.

Many would like to ignore things like a judgement day and hope there will not be one. Jesus said that there will be one. Jesus spoke very plainly about it because many people wanted to know then.

I have several Bible reference books so I can look up things in the Bible easily. Judgement Day has 160 references to it. LOVE has 760 references to it. That tells you a lot about Jesus. Judgement Day is necessary in God’s plan of things.

Satan will get his ‘come-uppance’ then, and he will not like it one bit.

Children should not worry about it. 20 years old seems to be the Bible’s cut off point between children and grown ups.

There has to be a judgement day. Why? Because God is a God of justice and a ‘fair go’ (as Australians say).

Briefly – Jesus, when he reigns as king on earth, will judge people (the nations): “As a farmer separates sheep from goats.” That’s for shearing so as not to mix wool with goat’s hair. (Mt.25:31-46). And The Bible is plain on personal judgement. “And just as it is destined that men die only once, and after that comes judgement.” (Hebrews.7:11).

The Apostle Paul wrote: “The day will surely come when at God’s command Jesus Christ will judge the secret lives of everyone, their inmost thoughts and motives.” (Romans.2:16).

We, most of the earth’s population, know very well that our conscience tells us right from wrong. We choose right or wrong. There are some mongrel killers that I will be happy to see front up on Judgement Day to answer for a lot of evil that they did.

AND, special judgement is reserved for those who deliberately hurt or damage children. YES! That is physical abuse, emotional abuse, sexual abuse and plain neglect of their needs. The worst is for them! (Matthew 18:6). Children do not ask to be born.


Q67:  What would happen when I die?

Q67:  What would happen when I die?


I have to assume that you mean what happens to my soul or spirit.

With your body, your heart stops beating and when the brain gets no blood, all movement stops and your body cools and a doctor says that you are dead and fills out an official form saying so.

Your body, your earthly remains, are buried and sometimes cremated (burned) until only ashes remain. These ashes are collected and sometimes placed in an urn and can be kept at home, maybe placed at a cemetery. Some people leave in their will that: ‘my ashes are to be scattered over an ocean’, or scattered over a particular forest.

With the soul and spirit, that is much different. The Bible does not tell us exactly what happens. Some Bible scholars, and church leaders say Christians ‘sleep’ until Jesus comes back. Others say that we go to an ‘in-between place’. Others say that Christians go into God’s presence immediately.

Bit confusing isn’t it? but if you are a real part of God’s family I know you have no worries; He loves us and looks after us.

Some examples:

See the story of Mr. Roberts in the appendix at the back of this book.

My little son, after about a year of cancer treatment, was in PMH, our children’s hospital. One day while in there he must have known ‘the end’ was near. He told his Mum: “I want to go home to your bed, and I want to see ‘Her’. ‘Her’ was his second mum and they both loved each other a lot. It was in the country. He insisted. So off we went. He saw her on the way home. At our home there lived a very old ‘resident dog’ that had lived at the farmhouse we occupied for many years. When we drove in he could only see my face. No joy or tail wagging. He just hung his head and crept away. He knew death was near! We did not.

The Christian nurses at the local hospital came out to attend to him, as they knew that his end must be near.

He died the next day but at the moment of death, he took a deep breath, gave a lovely smile and died. What made him smile? I know not, maybe he saw heaven. He was a ‘little’ Christian and believed in Jesus.

Mr Dwight L. Moody: He was a preacher who travelled the world preaching about Jesus. I read the story of his life. He ’died’ three times, over several hours in his own home with his family around him at 80 years old. After he had died once he came back and said: “Mama (wife) I have seen the children who had died”, years before.

Then he died again. Come back and told of his seeing heaven and said:” Oh Mama, this is hard on you.” The third time he stayed in heaven and did not come back. This is over 100 years ago.

I am convinced that if you are a Christian your soul and spirit go to heaven.

The apostle Paul wrote about death in a letter to Christians in Philippi:“ For to me, living, means opportunities for Christ, and dying well that’s better yet.” And: “Sometimes I want to live and at other times I don’t, for I long to go and be with Christ.” (Phil.1: 20 –23)

Most Christians I know would rather be in heaven but their time has not yet come.

Hope that was not too long.

Some people have written whole books on this subject.


What’s worse than finding a worm in your apple?
Finding half a worm.

What two creatures did not go into Noah’s Ark in pairs?
Worms – they went in apples.


Q68:  I think heaven and hell aren’t real. Is there any solid proof that the two exist? Is it just something made up so they wouldn’t be afraid of death? How do they know the Bible wasn’t just made up and passed down through generations? And why wont God or Jesus appear an make everyone believe?

Q68:  I think heaven and hell aren’t real. Is there any solid proof that the two exist? Is it just something made up so they wouldn’t be afraid of death? How do they know the Bible wasn’t just made up and passed down through generations? And why wont God or Jesus appear an make everyone believe?


You seem a bit worried as your writing tells of doubt, anxiety and hope. See Q69 re the Bible.

Much of what you ask is partly or fully answered in other questions so run your eye down then and check out the answers I gave.

Write to me if you need to.

Most adults would like to be sure that God is there and heaven is real. I have ‘been down in the pits’ and found that God is real and have come back up and am very thankful to be alive. I look forward to going to heaven- but I hope dying does not hurt much.

Please be assured God is a God of justice and mercy, and the Bible has been around for 4,000 years (2010 since Jesus). If that was not true – like millions of other books – it would have ‘fallen-by-the-wayside’ and forgotten soon after Jesus died.

The Bible is still the world’s number one bestseller in 2010.

Finally – if God and Jesus did appear, many people would not want to hear from them simply because they want to ‘...do it my way.’ Like: “Don’t tell me what to do!” “Who are you to tell me that what I am doing is wrong?”

Many people saw Jesus do miracles and raise the dead but they did not listen to any more – they just went their own way and I think the same would happen today. Maybe they would kill Jesus a second time.

Most folk just want to live peaceably.

I am glad you are thinking about it. May God bless your search because your question sort of tells me that you are searching for the truth.


Q69:  Why did they write the Bible?

Q69:  Why did they write the Bible?


Thank you for a great question, and it is a good one.

We have the Bible because it is God’s ‘Workshop Manual’ for humans. (I have a Workshop Manual for my 40 year old car. We are good friends and have been so for 23 years.)

For about 1,400 years after Jesus came back to life only a few people could read and write. The ‘Church’ told the people about God and the Bible was chained to the pulpit so it could not be stolen. They were hand written and cost a heap of money. Later on a man, Mr Gutenberg, invented a printing machine. Before long books were cheap. Today they can be made for just a little money. That’s good and God wants everyone to be able to read His Holy word. It sort of changed the world. Books were cheap. The Bible changes people’s lives for the better if they want to.

So I guess God had these days in mind with 6 billion people on the earth so everyone who wanted to, could read it. It is so very different to AD 60 to AD 80 when The Bible was first completed. You know that to God thousand years is like a day and a day is like a thousand years. His times, and timetable is very different to ours. It makes me think that the ‘Second Coming’ of Jesus (he said he would come back) is delayed until all peoples have heard the “Good News”.

Here in Australia we have, in many ways forgotten the Bible. Sixty years ago almost everybody went to church. There was no TV, little radio, not much crime or violence and in our house we did not bother to lock our houses when we went out. Almost no stealing or violence.

Since then we have got TV, many 24-hour radio stations, plenty of money and plenty of ‘Grog’ (alcohol) and lately a huge drug industry and plenty of violence. There is almost a killing or a murder a day now. How very sad. Drugs particularly are a huge industry. A Christian is often ‘the odd man out’ and a non-drinker is almost rare.

In China, population 1,300,000,000, people are very hungry to have the Bible. There are many missionaries there and the Chinese Government print millions of Bibles every year, although they try to force all Christians to go to the “Three Self Movement” churches. Independent churches are banned- but they still thrive. There are never enough Bibles so Bibles and CDs are taken in there often, legally and illegally.

In China, 50 years ago, 50 people had to share one Bible. They would carefully cut out one page, copy it by hand and pass it on to the next person. They were keen! We are not. Maybe its because we have plenty of money.


Q70:  Does God approve of sex?
And: Have you ever had sex?

Q70:  Does God approve of sex?
And: Have you ever had sex?


“Yes” to both questions.

Me first. I am a dad, a grandad and a great grandad, so yes I have had sex.

God and sex. God is a ‘Supernatural Being’ and quite unlike us who live on earth so I would say, God does not need or have sex like we do.

If you meant Jesus, He obeyed God’s rules and never married so would not have had sex. Please disregard books that have been written saying he secretly married Mary Magdalene, or that Jesus was homosexual, etc., etc.

People write those books to gain publicity, a name for themselves or just to sell books and make money. Many like to read ‘The latest thing’ on anything that is controversial at the time. They soon fade away.

As for sex, read on.

God made sex especially good and an absolute delight for humans.

Please note: Horses, sheep, lions, leopards, tigers, buffaloes, eagles, and cheetahs, to name a few, have sex once a year. For the rest of the year they forget about it. Humans can have sex every day if they want to, and this is how God planned it.

But, God planned for humans to wait until marriage before having sex and then to stay faithful and only have sex with their wife or husband. We humans are an impatient lot and we know what is good for us, so some have sex with many and play around and reap a harvest of trouble. That is so sadly true in many lives. There are many sexually transmitted diseases and some of them make you sterile (can’t have babies).

Sex with the right person is utterly lovely, delightful and makes one feel really good and satisfied.

The horrible side is shameful, degrading, humiliating and painful and sometimes fatal. It is called Rape! A large powerful male (not a real man) can force a girl to have sex with him against her will just because he is stronger. A pure and lovely girl is mentally ruined for life, and can never be ‘normal’ again. The shame is painful and cannot be ‘forgotten’ and some victims even suicide.

What a weird lot we humans can be.


Q71:  Why do we have suicide bombers?

Q71:  Why do we have suicide bombers?


Sorry, there is no short answer to this one. I write this on 27/10/09.

Two days ago 120 people were killed in two bomb blasts in Baghdad, in Iraq. Many victims were innocent Muslim women and children. Why?

For thousands of years disgruntled and unhappy young people have taken out their anger on other people. (It happens in Perth today) And…those unhappy people look for a leader to lead them and give them ‘counsel and guidance’. We all need ‘counsel and guidance’ at sometime in our lives and sometimes we choose the wrong person. Muslim Mullah’s (religious leaders) can be harmless and peaceful or militant and hateful of others who do not fit their way of thinking. That’s important because it applies to other religions a well.

An example: One Christian man ‘lost his way’ too. Rev. Jim Jones began as a good pastor, a charismatic man (charisma: special power of individual to inspire fascination, loyalty, etc) and quite soon had a large church. That grew and he loved people ‘loving him’. Later he said that God had told him to go to South America and live as a big Christian ‘family.’ They did.

Later he said: “God has told me that ‘the end’ is near and the best thing to do is all to die together and go to heaven now.” Nine hundred died by poison. The ‘end’ did not come. He had ‘lost his way’.

Around 600 years ago Muslims led the world in art, literature, leaning, and culture. Not so now!

The ‘radical Muslims’ believe that Allah is leading them to rid the world of all infidels (non Muslims) and suicide bombing is a cheap way, and the bomber is told “You go straight to heaven for killing infidels.”

I know that it will stop somehow, sometime. Today, 80% of refugees come from Muslim lands and 60% of the world’s poor come from Muslim lands.

Many Muslim are just ordinary folk like you and me and just want to be left alone to live their lives with their family. Someone is ‘on the wrong road’ there.

This world does not stay the same but I believe that God is still in charge and things will change.

Please note: ‘Father Abraham’ is the ancestor of Jews, Muslims and Christians (all of the same ‘family tree’) and we all believe we are right. I wonder what God thinks!


Q72:  Have you (Mr Harris) always been a Christian? If not when did you start believing? And WHY?”
And: How did you change from suicidal to normal?

Q72:  Have you (Mr Harris) always been a Christian? If not when did you start believing? And WHY?”
And: How did you change from suicidal to normal?


Sorry but this one cannot be a short answer either.

I guess as a child I was introduced to the Bible in a Sunday School by a truly ‘Serious Christian’ man of whom I remember only one thing. I cannot recall his exact words but the idea was that wrongdoing hurts God. I resolved then not to hurt God. So, for much of my life I lived by that- and my Mum’s attitude also helped me to always ‘do right’.

At 16 I began attending a church in Perth. From there I went to quite a few Christian camps. Over 1.000 people aged 16 to 25 years all living in tents was a life changing experience! I went to these for five or more years. I learnt a lot of good things.

At one in Geraldton I heard a girl tell of her life story. I knew then that she had true Christianity-and I did not. I wanted what she had. Her name was Nancy Douglas.

I got true Christianity soon after and began to discover that God was good and being a Christian was a great life.

Over the next ten years I got married, had four children and my only son died of cancer at four years old. It was very hard on my three older girls but I did not know it then. A year after his death as I got baptised and a clear voice said: “You’ll be working with children.” I had no idea what it meant because all my life I made things and worked with my hands. I forgot about it.

Four years later I had a fall at home and broke my back. Four months in hospital. All hell was in my heart. “Where are you God? I need to get up and walk!” etc.

It did not happen and I got quite suicidal and quite angry with God for several months. My bum hurt a lot. A friend told me of a “genuine healer, a sister Philomena in The Philippines has a truly genuine gift of healing.” I believed it!

A missionary said to me: “Peter, if God is going to heal you, there is no need to travel overseas, He can do it here.” I took his counsel, and did not go.

Soon after that my minister came for a chat. I unloaded all my anger on him. When I had finished he said: “Peter, is Jesus Sovereign Lord (the king) in your life?”

I was caught. Did I truly believe or not? I finally answered, “Yes, He is.”

He came back with: “Well, if that is the case, does that give you the right to tell Him what to do for you and when to do it? Don’t you trust Him?” He went home soon after that. Not long after that, a guy knocked on my door. A Commonwealth Government man telling me, “I am from the Commonwealth Rehabilitation Service. I am here to get you a job.” No phone call, no letter and no business card.

My home was quite a way from Perth by the edge of the forest.

I fancy he may have been one of God’s messengers. I never saw or heard from him again. To cut a long story short I finished up at Murdoch Uni. as a foundation student in 1975. (Nobody on my family had ever been to Uni.) I became a teacher and taught disabled kids for seven years.

My wife sued for divorce in 1984. I resigned teaching in 1985 and took a holiday. I went to Bible College for two years. I began Scripture teaching in 1988 and they have been the best years of my life. Twenty-three years!

I have ‘learned the hard way’ that God has been directing my life…and that He can trusted.

I hope that was not too long.

Had I got up and walked I would have missed out on 4,000 to 5,000 great Yr 7 kids over 23 years.


Q73:  Why must there be heartache for there to be compassion?

Q73:  Why must there be heartache for there to be compassion?


Thank you for a lovely question.

Maybe it is the only way for God to teach us to show compassion. Basically be are born selfish. Babies and young kids yell to get what they want – and get it too! Later we all learn that there are things we cannot be selfish about.

Christianity is renowned all over the world for how it shows compassion to all people, with help in times of trouble. Also with medical clinics, hospitals, etc. where there is none – and most treatment is free.

I have noticed that most people who have been ‘Down in the pits’ with serious illness, depression or the loss of a loved one, gain true compassion for someone in need and are always ready to help.

A life of ease and comfort makes most of us selfish and uncaring. It does take a shock, or a revelation of need, to develop compassion. How great and kind compassionate people are.


Q74:  Is heaven and hell real?

Q74:  Is heaven and hell real?


Big question indeed. Jesus spoke of them pretty often and His words can be relied on. Everyone thinks of it sometimes.

When ‘in extremis’ (very difficult, or near fatal state) everyone thinks of God and mostly pray or curse God. I have heard that soldiers say: “There are no atheists (don’t believe in God) on the front line.” Like on a ‘two way rifle range’, (war), or in a broken down boat with a storm coming up fast.

Deep down I believe we all know they are there but we would rather not think about it just now. “I’ll think about it when I am older,” is common.

In Luke, one of the two criminals dying with Jesus said: “Jesus, remember me when you come into your kingdom.” Jesus replied: “Today, you’ll be with me in paradise.” Jesus knew he was sorry for his deeds. That’s very clear to me that there is a heaven (Luke 23:39-43).

On Hell, Luke writes a story Jesus told of a very rich man, who cared for nobody else, but he died at that same time as a diseased beggar, who sat at his gate begging for food scraps died too. In torment, the rich man called to ‘Father Abraham’ to send the beggar over to him to “dip his finger in water to put on my tongue for I am in agony here”. Abraham replied that “in life you had everything but cared nothing for others, and the poor beggar is now here. A great gulf separates us, and he cannot help you even if he wanted to.” (Luke.16:19-31).

A Bible quote: “…and He is a rewarder of those that diligently seek Him.” (Hebrews 9:11). Read a Bible and you’ll find it an intriguing and often fascinating book. Begin with John’s account of the life of Jesus. The Gospel of John can be read in about 3-4 hours. There you can learn that heaven and hell are very real.


Q75:  Why does God make knives, drugs, land mines and things that kill people?

Q75:  Why does God make knives, drugs, land mines and things that kill people?


I have got this question dozens of times and I want to have you think a bit. Your teacher has a one metre wooden ruler and I want you to imagine it sitting on a little block of wood right in the centre of teachers table. Neither end touches the table. It is balanced.

Now imagine a large, very cruel male in a suit standing on one end. The other end is now up in the air. Then someone like Dr. Fiona Wood and Professor Fiona Stanley go and stand together on the high end. Both are highly regarded medical professors in hospitals in Perth. The ruler is balanced. Then a maker of land mines goes and stands next to the large unpleasant male and talks to him about selling ten tonnes of land mines to the arms dealer. Unbalanced again. Then two doctors (the neurosurgeons who separated the brains of the two joined 3 yo girls in that 30 hour operation in 2009) go and stand with the two doctors. The ruler is balanced again. So it is with this world and the six billion people in it. Some care only for themselves and money, others devote their lives to helping and healing others. Why? God has given us, a choice to do good or bad, to be helpful to others or selfish and greedy, grasping for more. It is a choice! God did not make us robots. Please know that the big knives in my kitchen have never hurt anybody (except my finger now and then – Ouch!)


Q76:  Why are there world wars?

Q76:  Why are there world wars?


The writer of this book is still ‘obsessed’ with World War Two (WW II).

I was in school during the six years of that terrible war when fifty-two million (52 m.) died. Around half were civilians, from hunger and cold. The death and the utter waste are still seared into many living people’s mind.

Why did it happen?

Thousands of books have been written. The essential fact is that a leader, a dictator, can get the idea that he can rule the world because ’his mob’ are better than the rest and “. God has told me that my mission is to dominate the world because we are the best, the most suitable people to rule the world.” That’s what they think.

Some are, or have been, mad.

The truth of what was really behind wars only comes out 30, 40 or 50 years after it all ends. The families of the dead and wounded soldiers, sailors and airmen and their families pay the true price for many years.

Countries only go to war to get something – in the current wars; it is oil, coal, uranium, copper or iron ore. And money, or racial hatred is at the bottom of some of it.

The commandments: “Do not lie, Do not steal, Do not envy your neighbour’s goods or anything he has,” are all broken here. Australia is NOT innocent in this oil business. Neither are Britain and many other First World countries.

How did they get so rich in the first place? Slavery and looting of Africa’s, India’s and Asia’s natural resources was a start.

It is getting better very slowly. The WWW is helping the ‘poor nations’ understand what the ’rich’ countries have done to them in the past. I like that idea, and the poor are now fighting back.

Note that a little war can start over a stolen rubber.


Q77:  If God made the world why doesn’t he control it the way he wants it to be?

Q77:  If God made the world why doesn’t he control it the way he wants it to be?


He has put that matter into our hands by my much-mentioned word ‘choice’. We can make things that are good or make things that are bad. Same for our behaviour.

Sadly, many go for money and forget about God.


Q78:  Can God make us have a better life?

Q78:  Can God make us have a better life?


Thank you for a lovely question.

Yes he can. His ‘Workshop Manual’ The Bible gives us all the directions and guidance and assures us that he will guide us all the way; right to the end which is heaven. We make the decision to accept Jesus and the Bible, or not. Sadly, many Christians fail to grasp all that He offers and that is plenty!!


Q79:  Was God the inventor of the inventor’s inventions?

Q79:  Was God the inventor of the inventor’s inventions?


We would have to say ‘yes’ to things like the bionic ear, refrigeration, anaesthetic, modern dentistry (not the price!). Doctors who use their skills to do amazing things that were unheard of 50 years ago. NO to land mines, drugs, chemical warfare, and nuclear weapons and washing up dishes!

God gave us the ability to dream, to plan and complete many of our ideas. Animals have not been given that ability even though some are very clever.

Not convinced? Has an animal ever composed a song, made and played a flute, made a piano, invented a new game or cooked up lasagne or made ice-cream? No. Can animals organise and play chess, soccer or footie? And- love and compassion are often behind great inventions.


Q80:  Why did Jesus leave once he came back from the dead?

Q80:  Why did Jesus leave once he came back from the dead?


God, His Father, planned for Him to be here only for a short while.

Why? Well, Jesus home is in heaven and He had to leave us because his time was up. The church (12 disciples) had to learn to do without their leader. Jesus said: “I will give you power (the Holy Spirit) and my presence will be with you.” (Jn.14:25-26).

They may have grown to be dependant on Him so they had to manage themselves, which they did very well. The ‘Church’ now numbers around 2,000,000,000 members around the world.

Not bad for 12 beginners!


Q81:  Why doesn’t God give us a good education so then we don’t have to come to school?

Q81:  Why doesn’t God give us a good education so then we don’t have to come to school?


We could have a lot of fun without school. Trouble is humans are here on earth to grow!

With nothing to do, we humans are inclined to go downhill and be naughty rather than good. The Bible is full of stories of people doing just that with bad consequences too.

The seventy years on earth we have is a sort of school to teach us how to get along with others, to think about God, good, evil, and we (hopefully) have a normal life and to choose the way we will go in life. There is a lot to learn.

And, you need to know the price of things and if we have been given the right change in the shop. And, we can learn to believe in Jesus and be a part of God’s family in heaven.

I have heard of many on talk-back radio who hated school, but have done very well in later life.


Q82:  Why did God make this world? Why couldn’t we be nothing?

Q82:  Why did God make this world? Why couldn’t we be nothing?


Well I am so glad he made you because you brought something to school that was very special and the class would not have been so good without you! Nobody else was like you. Wonderful! Six billion and not one is exactly like another.

God made the world and us so he could have a family who choose to believe in Jesus and be in heaven with him. Much better than nothing.

Sometimes, ‘black days’, when everything seems to be wrong, help us to like life later, when it all seems good.


Q83:  Does God ever do bad things to stop other bad things from happening?

Q83:  Does God ever do bad things to stop other bad things from happening?


Yes. The Bible records several of them. To stop the young children seeing and following their parent’s naughty ways (unbelief) God decreed that those who so quickly forgot His deliverance and other miracles, made them (those aged over 20 years old) wander in the desert for forty years till the oldies had died off. (Numbers 32:10-15)

On another occasion God sent snakes among His chosen ones till they cried out for mercy. Many died, but God provided a solution, by telling Moses to make a bronze snake and put it on a pole. Just looking at the snake was the cure. (Numbers 21:4-9).

Noah and the Flood was another. God saw that man had become very wicked. “He was sorry he had made them. It broke his heart.” So he wiped them all out except a few. The lesson is still there (Genesis chapters 6 to 8).

Something truly awful that God did was to have his ‘..only begotten Son’ be scoffed at, whipped, spat on and beaten, then crucified in great pain and suffering. Why? It was part of God’s ‘Rescue package’ to get us into heaven so he could have his family back with him. Adam and Eve ‘messed up’ and God had to expel them from his presence. Jesus is our ‘Pass’ into heaven. We could not be good enough by ourselves to get there.


Q84:  Is Heaven Real? (really, truly, honestly)

Q84:  Is Heaven Real? (really, truly, honestly)


Yes! Jesus said it was and no lies were ever told by Him!

Many civilizations have given much attention to heaven. I think the Egyptian Pharaoh’s spent more money than most on it with their pyramids and all. None of them had anybody to tell them about it- but we have.

Jesus spoke of it often. He said that he came from there: “For I have come down from heaven, not to do my will but to do the will of him who sent me.” (God) (John 6:38).

When the Lord’s disciples said: ‘Teach us to pray’ Jesus began with: “Our Father in heaven, hallowed be your name.” and: “...thy will be done on earth, as it is in heaven.”

(Matthew 6: 9) Note that Jesus said our Father not just His Father.

And later: “ Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to them.” (Mt.19:14).

Jesus spoke of heaven often and with authority! Nobody else ever has.


Q85:  Does God choose us to go to heaven, or hell?

Q85:  Does God choose us to go to heaven, or hell?


The basic fact is we choose that for ourselves whether to go God’s way or go our own way.

Paul wrote: “Don’t be misled; remember that you can’t ignore God and get away with it. A man will always reap just the kind of crop he sows” (Galatians 6:7-9) It is a fact of life that if you ‘sow’ greed and selfishness that’s what you will reap. ‘Sow’ goodness and compassion and that are what you will harvest.

You choose, by the life you live and what you worship, money, cars, property, etc. as to where you will spend eternity. Eternity is a long time to regret worshipping idols.


Q86:  When will the earth end?

Q86:  When will the earth end?


“When God has had enough of our stupidity!” (my opinion) The disciples asked Jesus this and he said: “The angels in heaven don’t know and I don’t know, only my Father in heaven knows.” Jesus said a lot about in Matthew chapter 24. Note: Jesus called it ‘the end of the age.’

If you are in His family you have nothing to worry about. He loves you and has gone to prepare a place for us all.

Our civilisation is in trouble. The rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer. The city I live in, Perth, (Pop. 1.5 m.) has a murder or a killing of some sort about every day. Fifty years ago it was more like one a year. Yes, it was like that.

I believe that our leaders will soon, not be able to manage the multitude of problems in this world. For instance too many people, not enough water, food or housing, drugs and money problems by the dozen and refugees flocking to new places looking for safety.

I think some may simply give up and walk away, hoping someone else can solve the problems.

I personally believe ‘this age’ cannot last another 50 years without some very big changes in the attitude of ‘Rich folk’.

I believe that only a few will change their consumer lifestyle to help save this world from some sort of serious trouble.


Q87:  Why did God make bad things like cigarettes and cancer?

Q87:  Why did God make bad things like cigarettes and cancer?


Truth is He did not make them. We did. ‘We’ also made drugs, land mines, adultery (having sex with someone you shouldn’t) and all the things that evil minds can invent.

When somebody feels bad it is often God they blame because it a normal thought reaction to blame somebody else! Adam blamed Eve and Eve blamed the serpent (Satan). That’s in Genesis Chapter 3.10-13. I have done it often in my youth.

I guess God thought long and hard as to whether he should allow ‘man’ to have a choice to be good or bad. He chose to allow us freedom to think and act good or bad thoughts and deeds.

The TV has a great time filling news and current affairs with all the murders, knifings, assaults, fires and car crashes. (count them for a few nights). I despise ‘The tenant from hell’ Current Affair shows. There is one almost every night!!

Business men make zillions from cigarettes and weapons of war. Millions more ‘good’ people help the homeless, heal the sick. Some spend their best years doing ‘good’ things often with only living expenses as reward. I personally know twenty or thirty of them. They have to come home later to have their children educated in Australia. They are called missionaries.


Q88:  Why do people who do wrong get away with it?

Q88:  Why do people who do wrong get away with it?


Oh Boy! Good question. I think about that because it happens a lot these days.

Do understand that many who do wrong things do have to pay, and a trip to jail is for some of them.

There are many answers but none are complete.

Three men in the city I live in were sent to jail for murder in the last twenty-five years. They were all three innocent! Some police got into trouble for that.

Others wrong-doers have money to hire very clever lawyers who find little errors in the police case and cast doubt to the judge or jury-who will not convict a person if there is any doubt-so they go free. That is how Australia’s legal system works.

It is The Rule of Law.

Police must charge a person, evidence heard from the police and the lawyers who defend the accused person. Then the magistrate, judge or the jury decide if the ‘accused’ is innocent or guilty.

Not many countries have this system. Most are worse, even though in our system, some guilty persons are found ‘not guilty’.

I am very glad that the Bible says that there is a judgement day: “…and we must all answer for the good and bad things we have done.” (Hebrews 9:27)

The wrong doer WILL answer to God for what they did while on earth. (See Matthew 25:31-46) and Romans 14:10-12)


Q89:  Is the Bible real? Do we get signs?

Q89:  Is the Bible real? Do we get signs?


Yes, the Bible is very true though many would not agree. Check out some of the other questions. It is a world’s bestseller and 4,000 years old.

As for signs, we do not get many clearly obvious ones today, some do. Why? Well we know so much about what God did on many occasions in the old and the new testaments. These examples tell us much about how God works. We also have books called Bible Commentaries. They explain many things that puzzle some people and enlarge the verse so we can get the full meaning.


Q90:  Why did God made (make) me and no one else?

Q90:  Why did God made (make) me and no one else?


I have to think you mean ‘like no one else’. Well I think God has done a pretty good job of making 6,500,000 000 people who are all different and you are unique in being what you are. Nobody looks exactly the same, eye patterns, fingerprints and DNA set you apart from all others.

I like that. Try to imagine a world where ten people in a hundred were identical. Fancy knowing that you knew a person exactly like you who might live in Russia or even down the road. Scary indeed!

I never tire of the beauty of a girl’s face. (I am a gentleman so I like girls) There is no other like her, although ‘like twins’ are very similar.

It sort of confirms to me that God made you, much like your mum and dad yet unique in what you are. And the same for all of us.

Hope I got that right.


Q91:  Why did God make the environment nice in some places and not nice in others?

Q91:  Why did God make the environment nice in some places and not nice in others?


Cannot tell you exactly except to say that the world is constantly changing. The Garden of Eden, or Paradise as God first made it, had the Tigris and Euphrates rivers flowing through it, plus two others. It became Babylon and later Persia.That’s in (Genesis Ch. 2:8-15).Today it is Iraq, Iran and some others.

It is called ‘The Cradle of Civilisation’ today. It has changed a lot! There used to be lions and bears there. David dealt with them (1 Samuel 17:33-37).

From TV footage today it is all limestone hills and sand, or at least no forest and ‘good’ land.

In Western Australia where I live the ‘bush’ went for over a thousand kilometres in good country. Millions of trees and shrubs, and the world’s largest number and diversity of flowers. Now it is mostly wheat, sheep and cattle country.

But 20 to 30 percent of it is now salted up, or very poor soil and in some spots is a desert. We did it! Many folk are planting trees by the million and other groups are buying up land to restore it with the plants, trees and flowers (with the birds and animals that used to be there). Others are fencing off huge pieces of land to keep out foxes, cats and rabbits and helping the original wildlife that used to live there. Guess who brought in the foxes, cats and rabbits? We did. Long way to go to restore say 20% of the land so it is more like what it was originally.

Some people like exploring Antarctica – I don’t. Some want to climb Mt Everest – I don’t. Some like to challenge themselves to run across the Simpson or Sahara Desert – I don’t. Very hard on the body!! I would not like to live in tropical areas, too hot and muggy. I like where I am.

Hope that made at least some sense.


Q92:  Do you have to be christened to get to heaven? I am not christened and sometimes I get scared that when I die I wont be admitted to heaven.

Q92:  Do you have to be christened to get to heaven? I am not christened and sometimes I get scared that when I die I wont be admitted to heaven.


When Jesus raised Lazarus to life from the tomb. (Jesus deliberately delayed his help for several days and came after he had been buried) and he said to his sister Martha: “I am the one who raises the dead and gives them life...”

Do please, read The Gospel of John chapter eleven. This chapter tell us much in the bringing of Lazarus back to life, the Bible’s shortest verse: “Jesus wept.” and how Caiaphas, one of the Priests resolved that Jesus must die.

Some churches insist that people must be ‘Christened’ or be ‘dedicated’ to God. Others do not.

A.B. (The Banjo) Patterson wrote an Australian classic poem called ‘A Bush Christening’. In it, an eleven year old boy who lived on a farm miles from any church was christened. By listening to the adults (through the keyhole) thought he was going to be branded like an animal by a visiting priest! Ouch! He took off!

All very humorous. I recite it and people ask for it often.

I believe that as Jesus says in John 11: “…anyone who believes in me, even though he dies shall live again.” (John 11:25)

If you believe, that is only the first step. Jesus would want all believers to read the Bible and learn more about Him.


Q93:  Why did God die?

Q93:  Why did God die?


Thank you for a good question.

It can be confusing for kids; understanding all that happened.

God did not die, his only begotten Son died. (John 3:16)

When Adam and Eve ‘messed up’ and believed Satan they broke God’s strict instructions, they were both expelled from God’s Garden of Eden (Genesis Chapter 3). That left God without His created people with Him in Heaven. God wanted ‘His’ family back with him, so He created a ‘Rescue Package’ to get his people back in heaven.

He had his own son come to earth and show how and who God really is (miracles and healings, etc.) and then give his own life as a sacrifice to pay for our sins.

We could not be good enough by ourselves.

God remained in his kingdom of heaven while this happened.

He raised his Son, Jesus, from a tomb, back to life to show that he had the power to do it.

God did not die – Jesus his son did, but was raised to life again.

Now, both of them are in heaven and ‘The Holy Spirit’ and God’s angels are God’s representatives (servants) here on earth.


Q94:  How did God make food?

Q94:  How did God make food?


Love this question. The song; ‘Food, glorious food,’ comes straight to mind. Ice cream, lasagne, roast lamb or chicken, with roast potato pumpkin and onions with mum’s special gravy! YUM!

I believe God made us the basics like potatoes, meat, pumpkin, onions, garlic and so on.

Animals fish and birds are mostly in a constant search for food to stay alive, like meat, fruit, seeds and nectar.

Lions rest for a few days after they have had a good feed of wildebeest, zebra of whatever they can steal from leopards and cheetahs.

Carrion: vultures, eagles, crows etc., are the undertakers of the bush (a butcher told me in answer to my question: “Do flies have a place in the environment?”) “Yes, they clean up what birds leave.” And the ants clean up the last of it, so only dry bones remain. That means no diseases around. COOL!

God gave us the ability to dream and imagine great food made from the basics that He put here for our use.

Sadly some people turn basics into junk food and highly refined processed food with ‘stuff’ to stop it going bad, or to last for months or even years. Many are sick these days because of that. Be wise, eat good food.


Q95:  Did God die on a cross or just a plank of wood?

Q95:  Did God die on a cross or just a plank of wood?


Good question thank you, as there is some confusion about this subject.

The Romans, under their Emperor called ‘Caesar’ ruled most of the known world when Jesus came to earth. They made everyone pay taxes to Caesar and that hurt.

They were mostly clever, often brutal but often helped by making good roads (with slave labour) and supplying water and other things.

However, if anyone in their ‘occupied lands’ broke their laws, like trying on a rebellion, they were severely punished. The most painful, shameful and publicly humiliating death was by crucifixion on a cross, naked.

Roman Governors of all of Caesars occupied lands had to “..keep the peace and the people under control.” A bad report to Caesar meant trouble for that Governor. Pontius Pilate was the Roman Governor of Judea at the time of Jesus.

The Roman method of execution was by crucifixion in public. It sure put most people off doing wrong things and upsetting the Romans. In a crucifixion, the victim is nailed to the cross on the ground and then the cross is raised and dropped into a prepared hole.

The victim dies from slow asphyxiation (cannot get enough oxygen) and death can come in a few hours or in a day or two. I heard a well-educated preacher say recently that four days was the longest time recorded by the Romans for a man to die.

The cross could not have been a plank, as we today understand a plank. A saw in a sawmill or workshop saws a plank to size and there were no machine saws then. Carpenters made the cross from tree trunks and branches shaped by axes and suchlike and they were pretty rough. Not made for comfort.


Q96:  Why doesn’t God heal those with disabilites?

Q96:  Why doesn’t God heal those with disabilites?


An awful lot of people have asked or thought upon that question. Especially me. Yes! This writer has been a T12 incomplete paraplegic for 37 years. That means my legs do not work and never will.

A short answer…I do not know, but this is a longish answer.

Exactly what is a disability? There are hundreds of them and some are brought on by the use of drugs, alcohol and smoking and also industrial poisoning.

In Jesus’ day many were not healed. Why? On one occasion Jesus left a crowd without healing all who were sick. Jesus said: “I must go on to other villages and tell them the ‘good news’”.

Question 72 says: “Why does there have to be heartache for there to be compassion?” Very insightful for a child to see that.

Suppose a foolish woman conceives a baby. She continues smoking and drinking. She is told “It will damage the baby,” but continues to drink and smoke and the baby does have a mental disability. The child must suffer, being not normal for all his life. Awful!

Should she call on God to ‘heal her child’ of this disability? And when he does, she may do the same with the next baby!

I worked as a teacher in a school for children with disabilities for a while. I soon noticed that a disabled child brought out the best or worst in parents. Some parents were just lovely in their care for their child. Others ‘did a runner’ to escape and some never really learnt how to ‘handle’ a disabled child.

I have also noticed that quite a few people I have known who had never been sick or ‘down in the pits’ of life were quite often uncaring for those who suffered a lot. If they got sick, had a close shave with death in a car smash or something similar they were changed people. More caring and helpful for those in need.

This life (70 years) is really only a preparation for life after death. (Eternity is forever.) Sickness, although painful, often brings out in people compassion and love they never would have dreamed of without seeing, or having, a disability.

I cannot, dare not, dwell on why!

Euthanasia: People who are suffering, really suffering from various diseases and would rather be dead than live any longer pose a terrible dilemma for caring doctors. They know the anguish of not being able to help that person die even though that is their dearest wish to be out of this world. I personally would lean towards not prolonging a life that has run its course and there is no hope of recovery. The Bible does not touch on this dilemma, but there is in this modern world an awful lot of unseen suffering.

(I said it would be long. Sorry.)


Q97:  Why do some people praise the Devil?

Q97:  Why do some people praise the Devil?


That’s a most interesting question and I do not really know. I guess it would be smart to ask one of them. They don’t advertise too much, maybe they are ashamed but on TV they come over bold and happy. I have heard of ‘The Church of Satan’.

I ploughed through three pages of churches in my street directory but no Church of Satan did I find. Nor in the phone book. I know they exist but I am not going on the WWW. Too confusing.

Why worship the Devil? Looking for something new and exciting? Many follow that trail for a while. Maybe a need to contact the dead?

There have always been people in touch with Satan or his ‘black’ angels. They are mentioned a bit in the Bible.

There are demons, evil spirits, demonic forces and so on around us. Your folks may have seen a movie called The Exorcist. It was about demon possession. That is real and the Devil is alive. Why worship him? I know not. Maybe the people worshipping him are possessed and do not know it.

The churches have priests or laymen who know about the Devil, and they are taught the ability to deliver a person from Satan’s power. It is called ‘deliverance ministry’.

Satan is real but many do not know it is true.


Q98:  If someone commits suicide will he go to heaven or hell?

Q98:  If someone commits suicide will he go to heaven or hell?


Oh boy! That’s some question indeed.

I do not know but I’ll try do dig up some pointers.

First, people (us) are not judges of such difficult things and any person who claims to give you a sure answer, ignore it. It is a job for God only.

Myself: after I broke my back I would have suicided if I got the opportunity. I was a Christian but my mental state, then, was pretty sick.

Had I suicided then I would like to think that as God is merciful I would go ‘upstairs’ not ‘down’.

Do you know anybody named Judas?

I think not. The only being I know with that name was a sheep. It was old, very tame and would lead a mob of sheep into the slaughterhouse, but Judas would go through a different gate to freedom.

Nobody, but nobody is named Judas because he was one of the 12 disciples and for money, (30 pieces of silver), he betrayed Jesus to his enemies, the priests and temple police.

Later he suicided and the Bible says the eleven disciples elected another to replace Judas.

It is not recorded that Jesus hated Judas but King David wrote in Psalms: “Leave his house empty and don’t let anyone else live there.” and “Let someone else have his job.” (Psalm 69:25) and (Psalm 109:8) I doubt that he would be welcomed in heaven because his attitude was money grubbing and selfish.

In my Bible reference books the word ‘judge’ and ’judgement’ occur hundreds of times. God, the Father and Jesus, the Son, are said to ‘judge fairly’ and to ‘judge mercifully.’

That tells me that evil people who murder and hurt people (especially children) will be in big trouble. Jesus himself said: “Whoever hurts one of these, my little ones” or “hurts the conscience of a little child” it would be better for him to be cast into the sea with a large rock tied around his neck” (Matthew 18:6) i.e. that would be better than judgement day.

So, I cannot give you an answer as to the judgement of God in suicide. I know that love and compassion are his main features.


Q99:  I talk to God sometimes, but usually nothing changes. Why is this so?

Q99:  I talk to God sometimes, but usually nothing changes. Why is this so?


You have every right to ask because you have prayed. Please do not give up praying.

Please note: I could write a book on this question. A large book.

Daniel I think, is the only one in the Bible (the Lions den Daniel) of whom it is written “you who are highly esteemed by God.” This is 3,000 years ago.

Daniel was in trouble and sent up a prayer to God. When The Archangel Michael did arrive 21 days later, said that: “the Prince of Persia withstood me 21 days.”

That was God’s enemy delaying God’s work as best he could. That’s a Biblical story (Daniel chapter 10).

Same today! Serious adult Christians know that life is not ‘all honey and no bees’. Christians who pray know this battle is continuous.

Please be assured, God heard your prayer. It did not go unnoticed.

God’s way is not instant flash of lightening with results we wanted. It is sometimes instant. My dentist was doing a root canal and having trouble cleaning out the last of two or three. I know her well and she really cares for me.

She was quietly saying, “Oh, Mr Harris, this is hard,” about three times. I knew she had been trying for several minutes and could not get the last one. With my mouth wide open and full of dentists tools I sent up a silent prayer.

Two seconds later a very relieved dentist said: (sigh) “Oh, there it is – that is good.” All done-and the tooth is still very good.

I know not what you pray for, it may be for things God knows will not be good for you. A lot of prayers went up on the sinking Titanic. God answered many. He was there. I am currently reading, Titanic, A survivors story by Colonel Archibald Gracie.

He was a Christian and has written a true story of that dreadful catastrophe. He survived I would say by prayer and faith that God cared.

You may, years later know that some of your prayers were answered but not how, or maybe when you expected.

To get an insight into the way mighty men of God prayed and worked read some of the books on them and by them. i.e. John Newton (Amazing Grace) and Charles Wesley. Ask a preacher you know to select and lend one or two for you.

Do not give up. You are still young and God loves to hear his children pray. There is much to learn and it can be hard work.


Q100:  Is God real?

Q100:  Is God real?


Faith is an essential part of knowing God. It does not always come easily or quickly. Please read on, as this is not an answer like the rest of the questions.

The Emperor Napoleon wrote:

“I know men; and I can tell you that Jesus Christ is no mere man. Alexander, Caesar, Charlemange and I have founded empires. But on what did we rest the creations of our genius? Upon force.

Jesus Christ founded his empire upon love; and at this hour millions of men would die for him.”

Napoleon I (1769-1825)

Adolph Hitler took the world to war for six years, 1939-1945, and 52 million died. Germany lay in ruins. He suicided. Rule by force?


And think about this piece:

“Here is a man who was born of Jewish parents the child of a peasant woman…

He never wrote a book.

He never held office.

He never owned a home.

He never had a family.

He never went to university.

He never put foot inside a big city.

He never travelled, except as a baby, two hundred miles from the place where he was born.

He worked in a carpenter’s shop until he was thirty and then for three years he was an itinerant preacher.

He never did one of the things that usually accompany greatness He had no credentials but himself..

While still a young man the tide of popular opinion turned against him.

His friends – the twelve who had learned so much from him and had promised him their loyalty – ran away from him and left him.

One of them denied him.

He went through the mockery of a trial.

Was nailed to a cross between two thieves.

His executioners gambled for the only piece of property he had on earth – his coat.

When he was dead he was taken down and laid in a borrowed grave through the pity of a friend.

Nineteen wide centuries have come and gone. Yet I am well within the mark when I say that all the armies that ever marched, and all the parliaments that ever sat, all the kings that ever reigned put together have not affected the life of people upon this earth as has this one solitary life. (Author unknown)



Think on this too…

No other book in this world has prophecies that come true.

No other leader of “religions” in the world have taken on telling the future and its leading characters. All of them give good advice on how to live – and it’s good advice (most of it). None but the Bible take on telling the future! There are around 300 Bible references as to the future about Jesus. Only a few remain to be fulfilled.

None of them said as Jesus did: “I will be handed over to sinful men, be crucified and will rise to life again on the third day.” (Matthew 20:18-19). Has anyone in history ever said or done that? No!

Finally, many educated men have set out to prove the Bible wrong. They failed and many of them became serious Christians.

In asking, “Is God real?” I wonder just what proof would convince you? Can you bring me a sample maybe in a bag or bottle, of the love that you have for Mum, Dad, Grandma or anyone you truly love? It just can’t be done.

Or when your heart is breaking and you run to the arms of Mum and throw your arms around her. Not a word is said. Something is happening to have you feel better. No-one else can do it – only Mum, or another one you love. Can you get me a sample, proof that it makes you feel better? What is it? You cannot prove love, compassion and care but it is there. Same with proving that God is real. Just go on the evidence the (the good stuff) that you see around you and think upon it.


Appendix 1:  How Mr Roberts came back from the morgue.

Appendix 1:  How Mr Roberts came back from the morgue.


A reliable friend told this story to me. He tells the truth.

Mr Roberts was about 50 years old and was preparing a church hall for a celebration or something. While up a ladder, the ladder slipped and Mr Roberts fell several metres to the floor. He broke his back, or neck. He was now a quadriplegic and cannot use his arms or legs. After hospital and rehabilitation he lived at home with his wife for some years. This was at Katoomba in New south Wales, Australia.

One morning Mrs Roberts could not wake her husband. She called the doctor who was a family friend. He told her: “Mrs Roberts your husband has had a heart attack and is slowly dying. He explained the ‘Death rattle’ to her and he did die.

The doctor wrote out a Death Certificate and got the ambulance to take Mr Roberts body to the hospital morgue (a refrigerated place where people who have died are kept until the funeral)

The doctor also ordered an autopsy to be sure of how he died.

About eight hours later his body was being prepared for the autopsy. An assistant noticed a flicker of life. Yikes! Call the doctor!

The doctor did notice a flicker of life and had the body returned to the hospital ward and ordered no food, water of medicine to be given. Mr Roberts was in that bed from Saturday to Tuesday.

Around this time a group of Aboriginal Christians were praying for Mr Roberts to come over to Carnarvon and be Preacher for a while. (That’s 4,000 km west)

Mrs Roberts told them: “He can’t.” They kept praying.

On Tuesday Mr Roberts was awake. A nurse came in and said: “Ah- you’re awake Mr Roberts.” “Yes, I am going home on Friday, The Lord told me.” Then he raised his hand to move a hair off his face. His arm had been paralysed for years.

A neurosurgeon was most surprised and unable to explain the change. Several neurosurgeons did a lot of tests and found nothing wrong with him.

He did go home on Friday. I have to assume that there was no phone to tell Mrs Roberts about what was happening and they could not be sure he would fully recover.

The ambulance officers insisted that he be carried to the ambulance. But-he walked to his home where several ladies were with Mrs Roberts. They were surprised indeed! This was 1970.

The Carnarvon people were still praying.

After a few weeks recovering, a carload of Christians who were going to Carnarvon asked Mr Roberts if he wanted to come. “Yes”.

He said later: “I want to devote the first year of my new life to God who raised me up.”

The Aboriginal folk were happy, Mr Roberts was happy and I guess God was happy. Mr and Mrs Roberts asked for nothing.



Dear reader: In my first book I answered many questions about: ‘Why didn’t God stop…’ or simply ‘Why doesn’t God…’ about bad things that happen and bad people doing bad things.

Since then, and now in Volume 2, a friend (name forgotten) said to me: ‘Where does all the goodness in the world come from?’ I leave it to you to answer that one. How does Christianity compare to other world religions in people doing ‘Good things’ for free?

To the reader: If there are questions that come into your mind that you want answered feel free to send by Email to ‘The Answerer’ and I’ll get an answer to you.

Here begins my second book:100 QUESTIONS Vol. 2.

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