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Jesus said, if you ask for anything in my name, I will do it.

Latest Student Qestions Answerered

Here are the latest Student Questions 'answerered' by Peter Harris:

Q.216. “Will I meet my dead friends and family?” and “My Nana was not a Christian but was a good person-will she be in heaven?”

Phew...This is a quite difficult one to answer.” And, I think that if Jesus was standing next to me he’d say: “Excuse me, but this is for me to decide...not you.”

So I shall try to stay with what Jesus said about it. Jesus did say:”Unless you become like little children you shall never enter the kingdom of heaven.” (Matthew 18:2-3) A Bible commentary on that verse says about children:“...are humble and unpretentious”(check out that word in a dictionary).That’s why I like kids, they are so pleasant and unpretentious.

On the final ‘Great Judgement Day’ (many questions have come to me on this subject) Jesus spoke of the judgement day and those who would get to heaven...and those who were ‘cast into the place of punishment.’ Jesus used the example of a farmer separating sheep and goats. (See it all in Matthew Ch.25:verses 21 to 46) (and Jesus did say somewhere that many will be there that you wouldn’t expect to be and many will not be there that you did expect to be there). Some statement!

Jesus also said when He raised Lazarus from death to life: “I am the one who raises the dead and gives them life again. Anyone who believes in me, even though he dies like anyone else, shall live again. He is given eternal life for believing in me and shall never perish.” (John 11,verses 25 to 26.) The Nana mentioned above may have been a ‘secret believer’. That is a person who does believe in God but does not tell people. There are many people like that, and nobody really knows exactly what was in her heart.

Now believing in God is the first step to heaven- you cannot ‘believe’, and then go on stealing, lying, cheating and so on. That is mocking God! And being lazy in regards to being a Christian could earn a reprimand. Who wants to be a street sweeper in heaven? Not me! So, your question:’Just where your family and friends stand, or did stand, in believing in God’...I don’t know so I cannot tell if you will see them in heaven or not. I wish I could tell you but it is not for me to say- “Sorry.”...but I dare not pass judgement on others. Do make sure that you are in God’s family and get there.

Q.217 “How do you know if God is talking to you?” and

Does God lead his people into right decisions?” and

When God talks is it in your heart and can you tell it?”

These three are very hard to give a simple answer to this most important question. Thank you for asking it. Very few hear a voice that instantly changes them into serious Christians. Believe me it does happen. See www.jonahministries.com by Michelle Hamilton...and listen to her on Utube 20 years later. Been through many trials.

Michelle Hamilton was NOT a Christian, and had, a few days before, told her Mum she was not interested in:“Jesus and all that stuff”. She went out on the ocean, paddling a child’s dugout canoe and was swept out to sea by the ocean current. She spent three days and two nights alone in the shark and pirate infested South China Sea plus tropical storms. A ‘Voice’ from the sky spoke (commanded)her about 15 times. Scared her to death she was ! She was rescued. I have heard her tell of her ordeal three times, have met her and I have her book. Serious ‘Stuff’ man!

Basically, it is from experience you learn. If you can find a missionary, talk to them-or get ‘on-line’ and converse by Email. Missionaries have to be very sure that God wants them to go somewhere overseas maybe. They cannot assume God has ‘spoken’ to them. Or, simply ask a Christian: “Why are you a Christian and how do you know God’s messages to you are from God?” Note, this cannot be done in 30 seconds! (see mine in question 72)

God does not talk like on a telephone and maybe it is better that way. I have been ‘Spoken to’ four times by an unseen voice. I therefore believe that He knows every thought we have (see Q.191 on that subject)...and then He uses individual ways to communicate what he wants us to do. I have heard of dozens of cases where what somebody gave shoes, winter clothing, food, a ‘paid for’ ticket for long rail trip, etc...which was just what the receiver needed...but did not ask for. Coincidence-or God’s provision? A missionary I read of, planned to buy a pile of winter clothes in Europe but a strong urge told her not to...and her first posting as a missionary was in the tropics! She assumed she’d be posted to a cold climate. 

In the Bible there are thousands of illustrations to guide us in what is the right thing to do- or if this is God’s will for me. It can be really hard to know when you are young...so wait and pray.

If God wants to get a message to you, wait...and read your Bible daily. A term or a few years in a Bible college helps many people to decide just what God wants them to do. Countless times I have heard people say: “The verse leapt off the page at me and I knew that God meant it for me.” And it did turn out to be very helpful in what God was trying to ‘say’ to them.

It takes years to discern if God puts a thought in your head- or if it is your own ‘wants’ that you hear in that silent voice. A good resort is to ask yourself this question: “What would Jesus do?” in this decision; be it a boy or girlfriend, to buy a certain car, a new house etc. Stay around serious Christian people in a serious church and make them your friends.

Sorry this is a long answer but serious Christians WAIT for His guidance-which will come-but not exactly at the time we ask for it.

Q. 218.“Why didn’t God keep the Garden of Eden?” and “If A.& E. got banished from the Garden of Eden why have no people ever found it?”

Well now you have got me thinking. Nobody but God knows-but it is interesting to think upon it. The river Tigris and Euphrates are still there in the Middle East known as ‘The Cradle of Civilisation’. Those two rivers are named in the Bible as a part of the Garden of Eden.(Genesis 2:14) They are easily found on a map or on the WWW. They both rise in the mountains of Turkey and flow to the Persian Gulf.

What happened to the Garden of Eden? We can only guess- it was a very long time ago. In the Persian language ‘Garden’ was a place set apart. Maybe men overgrazed it to a desert that it is in much of the Middle East,including Egypt. They did not have chainsaws then- but had many animals including goats who eat almost anything. It takes a long time for men to understand overgrazing- but overgrazing can turn ‘Good country’ into desert, ask any farmer. We do know it could be hot and there was a “...cool of the evening.”(Gen 3:8) so some days were hot.

There are many myths and ideas about the Garden of Eden (I had a few myself)and famous painters painted what they Thought or imagined what it was like. Perhaps God has used it a model for heaven or maybe it was simply a beautiful area set aside for God to see if Adam and Eve could be trusted to obey. Well,we know they did not obey-and that humans can be persuaded to do wrong things to their sorrow. See also the WWW to help you to think about it.

Q.219. “How can God forgive so quickly?”

Because it is the unique nature of God to have the willingness, and the power, to forgive the sin of anyone who is genuinely sorry.

It is the very nature of God to forgive if the sinner is truly sorry.(mercy is His very nature) Jesus died a horrible death to pay the price for our sins...a price has to be paid by someone. God, His Father, gave Jesus the power and authority to forgive sins.

Guilt and shame are powerful feelings. Some people suicide to be rid of the shame in their heart. Others do not care one iota. Jesus knows just how we feel-and He is not mocked by lies and denial...but it is his pleasure to forgive our sins when we are truly sorry.

For an beautiful example of that power read Luke Chapter 23 verses 32 to 43...Jesus forgives a convicted criminal and tells him that: ”Today you will be with me in paradise.” Not half bad...crucified criminal today...in paradise tonight. The criminal was truly sorry. That’s the Jesus way!

Q.220.“Why do I respect God if I don’t know him?”

I am, again, amazed at your honesty and candour. You warm my heart.

Why do you respect a being you don’t really know? First- someone, somewhere, is praying for you...regularly. Is someone in your extended family a Christian? In another way you have heard his name often-most probably as a swearword or a curse by someone in anger and frustration. You heard it but did not like it. Nobody uses the name Buddha, Confucius, Krishna or other gods as a swearword- only the real God, the one in the Bible is in those peoples mind. And just maybe...”Oh God.” is a cry for help.

In Genesis it says : “And God said:’Let us make man in our image and likeness.’” ( Genesis 1:verse 26). And He created Adam...and later Eve. You and I are made in God’s image and likeness so one could say that we are made to be like God.

And about angels,Jesus said of children: “Beware that you don’t look down upon a single one of these little children. For I tell you that in heaven their angels have constant access to my Father.(Matthew Chapter 18:10-11).

Children are precious to God and angels are constantly around them. And in Psalm 91:11 “He will give his angels charge over you.” And Psalm 34:7 “The angel of the Lord encamps around them that fear Him and he delivers them.” GOD CARES FOR ALL OF US. And, I wonder if God is preparing you for a life that is special to Him in some way.

Do have a read of a Bible- a bit every day. If you do not have one most churches will gladly give you one for free. In its pages are the answers to most of our thoughts, joys and worries. But you have got to ‘dig them out’ and that’s a joy nothing else can give.

Q.221 “What’s wrong with the world?”(I asked the kids this one)

Plenty...but it so was in Jesus’ time too. Lots of things were wrong (Roman occupation was only one of them),no hospitals or medicine as we know them today. Jesus began a new way called ‘Love’-and chose 12 disciples to carry His message after He was gone. Its theme was LOVE! Phew!! Read that again please.

Much is wrong. These are what some year 7 kids wrote around 1999.

Pollution,people rude and angry,do not belong,garbage, litter,bottles,plastic,suffering, murders,rapes(and more rapes),slack police,war,poverty, sickness. BAD BAD BAD,war, garbage,criminals, children suffering,a lot don’t know Jesus so do silly things, not in harmony with nature, lies,money, greenhouse gas. Phew! Kids do know what’s wrong!! (‘theanswerer’ would add drugs and alcohol today as a source of real problems)

These wrong things are very clear to some people. Big business like Supermarkets, Fast Food joints, car makers, Giant oil companies, and the people who spend much time, effort and money to sway(to direct) public thinking and opinion. Mostly it is by the TV ,radio and news are the cause of most of the problems. Greed and money is the basic cause. And, the commercial TV stations believe that disaster and trouble gets ratings.”IF IT BLEEDS IT LEADS” (the news)and viewers watch,moan and say “Oh!”,and the TV channels make money via the ads.

The underlined bit is very real! Much time and money is spent where you do not see it...to ‘Bend’ public feeling so that wars can be started, stuff sold, and objectives gained (oil and land to name two). I see on the www that the latest aircraft carrier in the United States Navy cost $6,2,000,000, plus their navy and the air force. The USA have 30 aircraft carriers! Some people in America starve and cannot afford to buy,or keep, their houses so live in cars or on the stret. “What do you think that?”

BUT, there’s another side,a good side. A certain professor, Dr. Ian Clarke, dreamed up a device to help deaf children hear Mum’s voice.His Cochlear Ear Implant worked when 99% of his fellow doctors said: “You’re wasting your time- it can’t be done.” But 250,000 children who were born deaf can now hear mum’s voice with many more to come. And two West Australian doctors discovered that stomach ulcers were not caused by stress but by a bug. Most doctors thought they were mad and ignored their theory:“We’ve always known it is stress!” To prove it, one of them swallowed a dose of the ‘bugs’ to infect himself, and then cured himself! And they got a Nobel Peace Prize ($1,000,000.00,) for the many years work on that. Both still work on medical research; they love research.

Mr Ian Keirnan saw all the pollution in the ocean and founded CLEAN UP AUSTRALIA DAY, and tens of thousands do clean up Australia.

Jesus warned people against:“Storing up earthly treasures where moth and rust corrupt and thieves break in and steal.”(Matt.6:18-20). Too many people think that things (possessions) will make them happy. They are nice to have...but often they please for only a little while then we have to buy another one...while millions starve and the ‘Possessions’ create rubbish, millions of tonnes of it.

So “What’s wrong with the world?” is that mostly,the ‘First world’ of very rich nations are obsessed with possessions. Possessions cannot fill the “God space” in the human heart”. Only the peace of heart and mind that comes with knowing Jesus personally (closely) makes people happy, and caring of others and the environment.

Q.222 “How do you know when God knows that you are serious and willing to take his guidance?

Lots of things good come together and you know God is around. Doors shut (not real doors) too where He does not want you to go. It does take a while to understand and it can be confusing sometimes. Read the three questions in number 217 because they are similar to yours.

And, find mature,serious Christians and talk to them but especially missionaries and experienced Christian Youth leaders. But also be aware:”Be careful-watch out for attacks from Satan, your great enemy. He prowls around like a hungry,roaring lion, looking for someone to tear apart. Stand firm when he attacks.”(I Peter 5:8-9) If you are doing God’s work the devil will come after you, so the best way is to keep working, read your Bible and pray. Every prayer IS heard and you will know- but ‘running ahead’ has caused many to get confused.

There are people in my town, Perth, who run kids camps for everything...such a pre-exam camps for kids doing year 12, canoeing, bush walking, wind-surfing (I find wind surfing really amazing) and camps for kids whose dads are in jail etc. Many of them are young, but in a way ‘mature’ too- and love helping kids. Ps. I love your question...maybe God is planning a job for you.

Q. 223 “Why do I fight with my parents when God’s supposed to help?”

Oh boy...lots will read this one.

At about 12 years old Jesus upset his parents and caused considerable trouble for them, yes he did. Jesus had important things to do and said to them:”Didn’t you know that I must be about my Father’s business?” Big misunderstanding, but it was for Jesus, an essential part of his growing up. (Jesus was missing for five days!(See Luke 2:41-51) Having ‘boundaries’ (how far you can go) is essential for children. Sometimes kids don’t like them...and sometimes they are secretly glad they are there and the decision is the parents, not the child’s.(you’ll recall all this when you are raising your own children). 

It is fairly normal for kids to dispute on many things with their parents...it is part of growing up. I remember one of mine was smiling a little after losing a dispute (that’s 50 years ago and she did not see that I saw her smile). I believe she was pleased to ‘lose’ that argument as it made her pleased, somehow.

God does help. “How?” Well Zig Zigler said that in an argument in their house mum would say:”It is not who’s right it’s what’s right.The Bible can help a lot in finding examples of what is right.Zig claimed that his mum was the wisest person he ever knew.

But...there are some parents who do not know how to raise children. Maybe drugs, alcohol and ‘having an affair’(adultery)is their way of living. If yours do this see a Chaplain, Policeman or Policewoman and talk to them if it is a serious problem.

Q.224 “Why did the Devil become the Devil?” ”Why did he hate God?”

Pride and ambition to be Number one, and not number three. He was given a good position in heaven...but he wanted more. It still happens today with people. Some just want to rule- to be Number One.

Q. 225. “Why he told his disciples to stay behind when he killed himself and didn’t live?”

Good question. It did seem that Jesus did leave them alone for a while because the Bible records that they were all afraid and gathered together in an upstairs room after his death. Then-what a surprise-He came through the wall and said “Hullo.”.(John 20:19-30)

Only God knows tomorrow and knew that He would “...rise to life again on the third day.” (Easter Sunday) and that the 12 disciples would later understand Jesus rising to life on the third day as he had predicted was the beginning of the Christian church. The 12 disciples were soon after given the Holy Spirit from God and could also “...heal the sick.’ and do miracles as Jesus had done.

Those 12 disciples began the Christian church-and today there are 2,000,000,000 Christians. Not bad for a handful of fishermen, tax collectors and sundry other ordinary men.

Q.226 “Do people get tumours and cancers because they are bad people?

I do not believe God does these days because if He did He would let us know that He did it. This whole business of cancer and tumours cannot be simply nailed down to any single cause. Research tells us that there are many known causes and many unknown causes. Cigarettes will cause cancer, alcohol will cause cancer and diesel exhaust particles cause cancer too. A local lawyer has written a book Poison Oils. He believes seed oils can cause health problems and cancer from our food. Obesity also can cause many diseases as can chemicals in sprays and weed killers,etc.

I do know that God will punish people who wilfully break of his commands. “Bad people’ can mean many things. Especially bad are people who know better, but wilfully break God’s commandments. Little children are not old enough to know God’s rules. (one of mine died of cancer at 4 years old).

You may have heard some adults say someone is a ‘Philistine’. That means difficult and hard to get along with. In Bible times the Philistines were good at fighting and loved a good fight (war). They were Israel’s enemies. In one fight they captured ‘The Ark of The Covenant’. Bad move by Israel to put it where it could be captured- and a bad move by the Philistines to handle Gods special object as if it was ordinary. God sent “...tumours and rats among them...” and many died. They realised their error and made ‘Guilt offerings’ of gold to placate God. They returned the ‘Ark’ after their god Dagon fell on his face–twice. In the second fall Dagon’s head fell off.

All this unusual story is recorded in the Bible. And,”... seventy Israelites were killed.” because they broke God’s laws by looking inside the ‘Ark of The Covenant’. God will not tolerate wilful disobedience and will punish the offenders. That story is in First Samuel,Chapter 3 right up to chapter 6.

Q. 227.“Was God ever in love in His life?”

Yes.” Very much so, but not the same way that humans love certain humans. God’s love is for “...his only begotton Son.” and the whole human race. He created them to be His family in heaven.

God’s love for His son Jesus is mentioned at the baptism of Jesus,and at the transfiguration. He said of Jesus:’...my Son whom I love, listen to Him.” (Mt 3:17,and Mt.17:5 and Mk.8:7) Jesus spoke of himself in John 3:16 :”For God so loved the world that He sent His only begotten Son, so that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have everlasting life.”

In love, yes, but different to how we love.

Q. 228. ”Why do people today believe in him?”

Because He is real. If Jesus and his Father,God, were not a reality, the Bible would be just another history book and quietly forgotten. In the 2013 years since Jesus was here believers have steadily increased from 13 to about 2,000,000,000. ‘What is the basis of this religion?’ LOVE! Check out the other religions of this world and see if there is any difference...and what difference can be seen in that society. Better , or worse? In Christianity, eternal life, forgiveness and peace of heart and mind is a free gift. It cannot be bought, earned, or worked for. It is free. Later the receiver WANTS to give God something...and working for God good and plentiful.

There are other religions...but not one of them foretells the future that actually comes to pass.Only Jesus said: “I will be handed over to sinful men, be killed and will rise to life again on the third day.” (Matthew Chapter 20: verse 17 to 19) Nobody in all history has said anything like that and had it happen. Neither do those other religions give assured forgiveness of sins and an assured place in heaven.

There are around 300 prophecies about Jesus and most of them have been faithfully fulfilled. The “end of the age” and the ‘Second coming of Jesus’ are yet to come. A world dictator (Antichrist) is also yet to come. Many believe that world dictator is not far away. Why? “what do you mean?”

Well this world once had about 1,000,000 people in it. In my Mum’s day there were about 4,000,000,000 but now in my day there are 7,000,000,000 people. Troubles are in store when we get to 10,000,000,000 people. Lots of troubles. All will want food, water, space to live, and fresh air to breathe. All those four things are getting scarcer. Wars will happen...as they have before. These four things will cause trouble and the Bible prophecy mentions them as:”...troubles which the world has never seen before...many will die.”(Matthew chapter 24) Sorry to be a bearer of bad news but I believe it to be true. The Bible prophecy has never been wrong. Jesus promised :”... a new heaven and new earth.” (restored earth).

Q. 229. “How can Jesus be alive still- How can you prove it?”

I will prove it if you bring to me a sample of the love you have for Mum, Dad, Grandma on someone special in a jar so I can see it. You just can’t...but I can tell that there is love there by observing you and them together. And also, bring me a sample of how, when you are very upset or your heart is breaking a hug/embrace with someone special to you makes you feel so much better. You cannot! Can you explain it? I’ll leave that one there.

The Bible says that God created the world and people. Look carefully at the people of integrity, love and compassion and the created world (before ‘WE’ fouled it up) with birds, flowers, beautiful rivers, lakes, animals etc. Did it all just happen by itself? “No.”

Q. 230 “How is it that people say that God is good, and then when someone dies, they say God took them?”

A very observant question indeed for which I thank you. People do say that: ”God took him/her.” I do not agree with saying that lightly.

Why? Well one must be careful about ‘Putting words in God’s mouth.’ or claiming to know what God’s plans are. I know of a missionary who has gone back to a country in South America to die there. She has spent 55 years of her life there telling the people all she can about Jesus. She has learnt to love these people- and they are family to her. She has never married and is now around 82 years old.

If I hear that she has died I could say: ”God took her.” Because one can get sick at 82 years old. But if a drunkard who cared nothing for other people died early in life nobody could say :”God took him.”...he took himself to the grave. Why he became an alcoholic is quite another matter...WE DO NOT KNOW! Only God knows that.

It is easy to say ‘God took him’ but I think that can be superficial or insincere. One should be careful and perhaps think about a more sincere word of sympathy to someone who is hurting. Maybe a hug and the truthful words:”I’m so sorry.” is much better.

Q.. 231.”If God sends rain why doesn’t he make it rain in poor countries like Egypt?”

Good question thank you. I do know a little about Egypt. There is plenty of water and land. The Nile River is 6,500 km long and has a huge dammed lake 500 km long in the hills. Look up Aswan High Dam on the www to read and decide for yourself: What is the matter? While there, look at Water Supply and Sanitation in Egypt too. There are many real problems and Muslim people seem slow in fixing them.

But-many countries are hurting badly because of lack of rain-especially my home-Western Australia! From 1949 when I took notice of these things,up to 1980 Western Australia had good reliable rains and farmers had money to spare. Not so now; 30% less rain, with poor crops and no real soaking rains. Soaking rains are so important.

These changing rainfall patterns are everywhere...some have drought,some have floods with cars being washed down the street. There are record floods in the eastern side of Australia, and record fires too. Something is very wrong and I believe engine exhausts cause much of it. Burning coal is a bad one too-but I don’t like nuclear power either. The poisonous nuclear waste must be stored for around 25,000 years!! We (my generation) started it...but we are reluctant to find solutions because we love our cars.

Five scientists would give five different answers...but ‘WE’ (humanity) burn 80,000,000,000 barrels of oil a day. That must make a difference somehow! I think we must burn less oil and not expect God to ‘Fix it’,while we buy more cars and build more roads for them. (This climate change/global warming is a huge subject of discussion and controversy in the news and on TV almost every day)

Q.232. “Why does everything here have a good and bad side to it?”

Quite simple really. God gave Adam and Eve a whole garden to eat from except for one tree. “Don’t eat of it He said, or you will die.”,(spiritually-not like poison) but they chose to do wrong.

God did not post armed guards and force them not to do wrong, he gave them the choice to do right,or wrong. They did do wrong...and humans have been exercising that choice-to do right or wrong-ever since. It does make those who do right shake their heads in despair pretty often. (I think TV causes some of it)

Q. 233. “Why is God invisible?”

The Bible says: “No man can see God and live.” Christianity is a religion of faith in the unseen God. That unseen God sent Jesus to earth to teach us about God and really that is enough. His creation of the stars, the universe and this beautiful planet tells us a bit about Him. Studying them tells us much about God.

Many, many people have a strong need to see and touch the thing they ‘Worship’, be it a gold statue, an expensive motor car,the Pope, a motorbike, and even TV and movie stars.

Idols were/are condemned by God. They cannot see, hear, or help and can burn, decay, be stolen and so on. Not so God. “From everlasting to everlasting ,thou art God.” (King David in psalms)

If God was visible His face, somehow, would be on cool drink bottles, and breakfast cereals and roadside signs. ”YUK!”


Q.234 “Does God approve of murder?”

Well thank you for a very important question. The answer is “Yes.” and “No.”. Well now,that is confusing.

In The Ten Commandments one of them is “You shall not murder.” (Exodus 20:13) That is very plain, but people do kill others-but sometimes they but do not mean to. Meaning it was an accident, an animal caused the death or maybe in a fight.(this is 3,500 years ago) In the Old Testament, God, who is merciful, made five ‘Cities of Refuge’ where a person who had accidently killed someone could get to quickly before relatives came and took revenge. In the Cities of Refuge the person was safe and later on, would have a proper trial.

In the Ten Commandments ‘murder’ meant that you deliberately planned to kill someone and did it. That is called ‘Wilful murder’. In some countries–like the USA and China you can be put to death for that.

In the Old Testament (3,500 years ago) God killed thousands on his own people because He would not tolerate deliberate and wilful disobedience of His laws and instructions. Some people treated God with distain,lied about things and mocked his laws. There are many references to it in the Bible. On one occasion God had Moses assemble everyone-thousands- to watch when the earth opened up to ‘swallow’ some very wicked people. The earth closed over them.

Stoning to death by the town’s people was in God’s law...but God is merciful. On one occasion (see John Chapter 8:verses 3 to 11) the religious politicians tried to trap Jesus into giving a wrong answer about a woman caught in the act of adultery. Jesus refused to answer. But under pressure Jesus said: ’Alright,stone her to death- but only he who has never sinned may cast the first stone.’ Slowly they all left, having remembered their own sins, and Jesus said to the woman: “Where are they all, are there none left to accuse you?” She replied: “None sir.” And Jesus said to her: “Neither do I accuse you- off you go- and leave your life of sin.” Compassion-that’s Jesus.

Q. 235. ”Why do people smoke around the world?”

Because they like to and it makes them feel better...even though they must know that it may one day ‘bite them on the bum’ by having a smoking disease. Did you know that smoking sends some people blind? I only found out about that last year...and I am 81 years old. (smoking narrows the tiny blood vessels at the back of the eye).

The need to ‘Feel better’ is at the core of the problem. If most people do without smoking- then why do the smokers need to ‘burn good money’ to feel better? I guess it is because they don’t know how to be happy- how to be at peace with themselves and so they like to smoke.

Here in my town,Perth, there are ‘Super cheap’ non-grocery shops. One of them is ‘Target’ and some of their advertisements have a slogan that says “100% Happy!” I say that is a lie. ‘Things’–(toys, IPods, bikes, clothes, grog and smoking etc) cannot make you happy. Things wear out and you get older and your needs change. God can give peace of heart and mind.

Why people smoke.” is one I cannot truly answer because I don’t smoke. You may have to ask a smoker that one...and I hope you don’t get punch up the nose for asking. Some may be a bit ‘Agro’ at you asking them.

One boy in Forest Crescent School told me his auntie told his family that :”I could have bought a house with all the money I have spent on ‘ciggies’ over 30 years.” Phew! Yes, a heavy smoker can easily spend the cost of a house over that time at $30.00 a week...in 1960 when houses were cheap.


Q. 236 “Is the Devil in any way, related to God and is trying to beat god or taking revenge?”

Yes.”, the Devil is indeed related to God in that God created him. And “Yes’ he is continually trying to get people to turn away from God and rule the world himself. That is the goal of his life!!

Most families have what is called a ‘Black sheep’ in them- one who cannot do right, causes trouble and robs people of money, peace and sometimes, their possessions. I had a cousin-our ‘Black sheep’- and he was murdered later in life.

God allowed- even still allows-Satan (The Devil) to do bad things and trouble people with evil spirits, or demons. Even Jesus himself was troubled by the Devil.”Then the devil led Jesus to a high place and quickly showed him all the nations of the earth. The Devil said: ‘I will give all this power and glory to you. It has been given to me and I can give it to anyone I want to. Just worship me and you can have it all.” (That’s in Luke 4:1-13)

Jesus didn’t take up Satan’s offer.

At the ‘End of the Age’ the Bible tells of the Devil’s downfall. (Revelation 12:3-17) and his final punishment in a lake of burning sulphur....’for ever and ever’. (Revelation 20:7-10)


Q. 237. “How was god created?”

We are not told in the Bible. God was there at the beginning that’s all we know. There is so much to discover in heaven that I am looking forward to getting there and finding the answers to my many questions. (like: “How come the 400,000,000,000 stars in our Milky Way do not bang into each other?”


Q. 238.”How can there is sin in the world and god be in control of everything fore god is holy?”

Oh boy...that old problem!

When God created humans He had a problem...a big decision: “Should I give these people a choice to be good or bad, or should I make them all have to obey my instructions, then there would be no chance of any sin –so no problems?”

Think about a world of 7,000,000,000 people all obeying God’s commandments and instructions with no wars, killing, stealing, rape and lies. It would be like heaven full of robots who have no choice but to obey God. Not really pretty.

God must be pleased with His decision to give humans a choice to be good, or bad and of course some in between. Those who choose to ‘trust and obey’ God, must be pleasing to God- even though they still make many mistakes and wish they had not. but God is pleased to forgive if we ask.

Q.239. “Why do you believe in Jesus and God?”

Please see Q. 72 for some of the answer as this is really my life story, which is now 82 years on.

It must be a huge answer because so much has happened to me and I must put in a small space. Your eternity depends depend on my answer:”Is this guy for real- or is he off the planet?”We all must decide one day!!

Basically I believe because the book about God and Jesus, the Bible, has stood the test of time. All the prophecies do come true,they are not someone’s day-dreams. The birth of Jesus alone is extremely unique. Jesus spoke of and prophesied his own cruel death and resurrection (coming back to life). Who else has said and done that? And for 4,000 years God’s promises and prophecies have come true.

AND- my own personal life experiences border on amazing.

Jesus is not a gold or stone statue to worship,and Christianity is a daily contact with a God who cannot be seen- yet 2,000,000,000 believe in Him. Many would die for him and hundreds of thousands spend the best years of their lives serving Him as missionaries in the poorest and unpleasant places on earth as doctors, nurses, farmers (agriculturists) helping subsistence farmers to have sufficient food and not starve. I know hundreds of them. And other Christians willingly pay their costs.

Bad things have happened to me..full stop. ‘If I had received a letter from God at,say,20 years old telling me what was before me in 10, 20,40 or 50 years ahead I think I would have hated it- and be unable to accept it.” ie: ‘Peter at 24 you’ll get married, have 4 children but one will die at four years old. At 41 years old you’ll fall and break your back. You’ll go to Uni. to become a teacher, you’ll be divorced later and then spend 26 years teaching scripture to year 7 kids.”

That’s some of the worst and best. Who would be happy knowing that you would spend over 40 years in a wheelchair?!! BUT- it happened and I sure am glad I did not know the future. Never waste your good money on ‘fortune tellers’, Tarot care readers and ‘Palm readers.’ They are frauds

Joke: “Did you hear that the the clairvoyant’s annual general meeting (AGM)had to be cancelled? It was due to unforseen circumstances.

Parts that I have not in question 72 are a vision I was shown in 1956. I was married that year and my wife had two miscarriages. (got pregnant but it went wrong, somehow.) This happened a second time and the Matron of the hospital in the country said: “Mr Harris, please take your wife to Perth and see a good doctor or you may never have a family.” The doctor was an alcoholic and the matron virtually ran the whole hospital. I did take my wife to Perth and saw a good doctor who did what was needed.

Later, one morning while having sex a voice said :”There goes your baby.” and I saw a vision of a lovely three year old girl running by a house. Nine months later our first baby came along and four years later we were in the very same house I saw in that vision. I did not pray for anything...I was very young and quite inexperienced. And- I now have an adopted son, eight Grandchildren and seven Great Grandchildren.

Another time, while saying my morning prayers a voice said: “Go and see Mrs Arnold.” ‘Oh no! Not her.’ I thought. The voice and I argued back and forth quite a bit, but I did very reluctantly agree to go- a 30 Minute drive to Lockridge, then about two hours late for lectures at Bible College.

Mrs Arnold had no phone and lived on the third floor with no lift, no security or fly screens. So I get there, honk the horn, she looks out and sees my car, waves and comes down. Looking quite sick with flu she stomped up to my car and said: “Well God must have sent you...I was just about to jump out of the window and kill myself.” She then took my wheelchair out of the car and sat in my car and talked non-stop for 45 minutes. Somehow, I did not get the chance to say how I happened to get there. I was not happy to go- she was not friend, just the woman who used to clean my flat in Mt Lawley.

There are two such others similar stories, but not now. Ask for them by the www Email if you want to know.

I believe in God and Jesus because I look back and see that God has been looking after me, guiding me- and that includes 26 years of teaching Scripture to wonderful and interesting Year 7 children. I am very happy with that because I never imagined it could happen.

Lastly,and this is sort of proof to me. Not long after Jesus went back to heaven Peter and John were before the court of the Political/Religious leaders accused of ‘Making trouble’ by preaching about Jesus, doing miracles and so on. The court wanted them in jail or killed. Gamaliel, a smart cookie got up and said: ‘Listen you guys, you remember Theudas and the other fellow Judas. They both started a little rebellion against Rome and both had hundreds of followers. Both were killed and all their followers drifted away. If these guys are for real and tell the truth we may find ourselves fighting even against God and even we cannot win that one.’ (That’s my version of Acts 5:29-42)

The 12 Disciples began the Christian church 2013 years ago. Now there are 2,000,000,000 Christian believers. And the Bible is the Worlds No.1 best selling book.

Finally, check out the different countries around the world and their dominant religions. Are they a peaceful nation? How do they treat they poor and disabled, how many hospitals and doctors, is there any ‘Social Security’ for the old, disabled and unemployed, how do they treat women and children and how do they treat those who have different religions and views to theirs- with talk or violence?

Send me an Email to the answerer if you want to know more.


Q. 240.”Do you approve of sex?” and “Are you still capable of sex.”

proofreading answer pending approval to publish.


Q. 241.”If god was the first person alive how was he born then, they had no-one to have sex with?”

Thank you for the interesting question, you have an inquiring mind. But there are several errors in your question and I’ll try to explain them.

Firstly God is not a ‘Person’, a human as we think of a person. Jesus said ‘God is Spirit’ and I cannot comprehend exactly what that means. (‘Spirit’comes from the Greek word ‘Pnuema’ meaning air. Car tyres are ‘pneumatic’ filled with air). God was not born to be the ‘First person’ on earth as the result of two people having sex and the female getting pregnant. Much, much higher than that. Beyond our understanding.

I believe that God is, Omnipresent Omnipotent and Omniscient (is everywhere, all powerful and can do anything)...superior to everything else on earth because He made it all.

You will “...stand before Him after you die.”...perhaps you could ask Him then just how He came to be.

No, I cannot understand it all- but by faith I know it to be true. The Theory of Evolution- that life on earth began zillions of years ago in a swamp and life started by itself; and monkeys are our ancestors and humans are still evolving. It takes faith in science to believe in evolution. I cannot believe it.


Q. 242. “Why were you suicidal?”

I was quite without hope and I believed God had abandoned me.

I could only see a black empty future as I could only sit down for about 10 to 15 minutes. My bum hurt so much. Toileting was a nightmare.

Recently, in 2012, a former politician in New South Wales tried to suicide. He did not die but survived and said on the TV that he thought that his wife and children would be better off with him out of the way. They could start again with a better man in the house who could be a husband and father to the kids. About the exact thoughts I was having then- back in 1973. God had plans I knew nothing of and He did not tell me of them. BUT...here I am 40 years later...and so glad I came out of those ‘Pits of despair’ and meet a lot of great Yr.7 kids since then.


Q.243. “How come there are mean people that rape, kill etc?”

Because God has given us a choice to choose what we are...mean or kind.

Check out the subject list on the Home Page. I have answered this one several times.

[I like your word ‘mean’ because it reminds me of a friend who lives ‘Up north’ where man eating crocodiles are plentiful. He used to love to fish and had a sizeable boat, not a huge one, but he decided sell his boat and give up the fishing as the crocodiles were ‘mean’- in that: “...they could come over the side of your boat if it was bad tempered enough.” He told me that he kept a ‘Crocodile repellent’ in his boat.

I asked him just what the ‘repellent’ was, thinking of insect repellent or something like that? “Oh-just a 12 guage shotgun in one barrel and a 45 magnum bullet in the other.” You get two shots!!!

Q. 244. “What does God look like?”

Like Jesus. The disciples asked Jesus the same question. Jesus said: “If you have seen me you have seen the Father.” The difference would be in His ‘Presence’ or ‘Majesty’, Awesome–just because of who God is. Very unlike humans in His ‘Majesty’.

You will stand before Him after you die. The Bible says so in dozens places. Romans 14:10, and in Hebrews it says “Just as man is destined to die once, and after that to face judgement. (Heb; 9:27). As one who believes in God and the Bible I am actually looking forward to that time. (hope it doesn’t hurt too much as I die).